Gear for trade here

Let me know what you would like and what you have to offer

I’ll trade you for your fire Roland’s call and casual flakker, what things r u looking for

weapons with oae 100% damage or enemy damaged by rakk attack take 100%

I got a maggie with 100% damage on ase. I have more but cant remember till I get home

Jackobs gatling gun with 100% after rakk attack. Fire rowans call with 50% crit after rakk attack

ill take the gatling gun and do you happen to have any good flak class mods?

casual flakker and rowans call have been traded

Still got the Phasecast Maggie? What are you looking for?

yes I do and weapons with ase 100% damage

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I currently have a Burning Alchemist and Iron Willed Lucky 7 with that annointment.

by chance do you have anything else