Gear For Trade (see attached photos) Looking for Jakob’s AR Hand of Glory / Bekah / Cross Bow / Groll deathless / Groll Transformer

Have last stand deathless, interested in the facepuncher

Last stand deathless is a broken item, I wouldn’t be trading that around in case someone doesn’t know, wouldn’t be vary cool to get something and find out u got screwed over

Its actually one of my most prized artifacts.
So it seems I happen to be one of those people who doesn’t know how it screws people over. Enlighten me?

The deathless mod puts you at 1% health and you need to go from 50% - 49% for it to kick in the invincible perk I have at least 3 last stand deathless’s in my vault so if they patch it I’ll be ready. There’s a bunch of people talking about it on some posts a few weeks back.

It kicks in automatically. As soon as you take damage. Then has a 40 sec cool down. It’s not broken. & is a must have item for my current build.

Well, what I can say is that if I equip it, and take any amount of shield damage, it procs. Then goes on the cooldown. Then procs again after cd. I am on, doing it now. So, I’m having trouble understanding what the issue is.
Speaking of deathless, Im on the hunt for a onife drain deathless. Might you have one?

Well then I’m going to pull mine from my vault and see this could be interesting

Yup I got one

Could I interest youin a crossbow or 75% shield and hp transformer for moze? Ive got a few deathless myself if youd like to check them out

What’s you gamer tag? Msg me Gt ViolentBPI

Yeah it’s nice I run it on my moze w/ a 50k shield and another Additional immunity on shield break.

Nice move I went with a transformer and a arc gun haha works like a charm, your saying the last stan proc’s on the first bit of dmg 2 your shield?

Yes. The first damage that you take procs immunity for 5 sec. then the 40sec cooldown. Then immunity for 5 sec while your shields recharge.
It’s nice for moze because of the buggy health regen/grenades

Ok I’ll be looking into this for sure this is good stuff to think about

& if you have a beefy shield + the 75% shield & health regen w/ iron bear for 25sec- anointment-you are as tanky as iron bear is w/ current patch. It’s really great. Then you get more tanks w/ the skills specs of course. I hope this helps!

GT: The d3adpupp3t
I’ve got to head off to work now, will be back around 9EST. When I return, Ill shoot you a message. Add me now though :smiley:

Have a lvl 50 hand of glory