Gear giveaways (oranges/seraphs)

Have lots of gear just taking up backpack space. I’ll list what I have below, if you see anything you want just message me on PSN my PSN is Wafflebro99


Derp nukem (72 explosive)
Big badaboom (72 explosive)
Big badaboom (72 flame)
Razrez lyudmila (72 flame)
Ferocious shredifier (72 flame)


Vengeful stinger (72 flame)
Tumtum hawkeye (72)
Consummate florentine (72)
Longbow meteor shower (72)

Also have some relics, if you want one of those as well just ask. Once a item has been claimed I’ll come back to this thread and remove said item to avoid confusion :slight_smile:

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If ya don’t mind i take the conference call (flame), the rightsizing bitch (flame) and the gunstock maggie. that a first i never seen a elemental bitch smg in the game.

PSN: AngelofLove57

Sure i’ll send you a message on psn, I should be on in a moment. And yea I don’t see alot of elemental ones either

All 72, well that’s no good :slight_smile:

@GreenKokiri45: That norfleet is not a legitimate drop. Please remove it from your list, we don’t allow the trade of hacked items here.

Sorry I didn’t know it wasn’t legit. It just dropped so I picked it up.

Mind if I snag that interfacer if u still have it? Psn is joedogg22

Hacked? As in modded? Is that the same thing… Just checking, so I know

Yes. I prefer the term hacked, as modding implies creativity.

Technically neither are true. But ok. In fact, modded is closer to the truth than ‘hacked’, that just sounds like something someone uses to describe something they have no knowledge of.

Without wanting to get into a big discussion here, my personal view is: map-making and balanced new items= modding.

I’d be happier to carry on the discussion over pm, though.

Back on topic, here.

Hey man, if it’s cool can I get the Bee, Harold & Hornet please? Helping a friend level up
and they will help when he hits 72 and I start to carry his ass through the peak! lol

Sent FR over.

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Thank you for replying and helping to clarify. Mostly I asked bc i wanted to be sure to follow rules here. It is interesting convo.