Gear help for Pewpew Nisha

So I am redoing a lvl 35 Nisha and I am using Chuck80’s Pewpew build but I am lacking he gear to be decent.

Where is the best place to farm for splitters? Or is the grinder better? Or is it all just pure RNG and I am just having horrible luck?

I have found lots of beams and blasters and rail guns but only ONE white splitter lol

Any help would be appreciated and and this point I am even willing to have someone take pity on me and throw me some hand me downs =(

I also am having a lousy time with turtle shields although I know any shield works fine but I like trying new things and i have never used turtle shields or splitters.

Any help would be appreciated.

Yep. Quickest way to get one would be to vendor farm, or you can try the grinder if you have 3 green lasers to grind.

Turtle Shields are the same deal. They drop from anywhere. If you aren’t having luck with turtles, keep your eye out for a large capacity adaptive shield. They work fine as well.


I got all my splitters from vendors. and after that, I got all my glitched splitters from …a … a friend … yeah

Thanks guys I was afraid of that lol.

It also looks like the leg splitter is horrible.

I really like TPS but the reason BL2 is my favorite is because of all the variety. TPS is so limited on leg gear =(

“Different” would be a better term for the min min lighter. It’s a pretty good weapon, but the playstyle associated with it is very different. Not worth considering in this build :slight_smile: