Gear Hoarding, a perspective

I have gotten to where I now carry guns for a few builds for that character in their inventory and storage is where I keep mods/relics only/grenades/shields. This frees up space for transitioning weapons between characters. The legendary’s I have that are not viable to my characters started to go in the trash dump. The reason I started to do so is because the leveling gear are not much important when you find good guns often and out level them fast enough anyway. When they raise the level cap, most these are going to be trashed anyway and we will be re-farming (not as fast, but the paced scale they intended) by that time we will be having more bank space anyway.

Just wanted to give a new perspective and not all will agree with me, but hopefully might help a handful of hoarders looking for advice, from one hoarder to another.

(and yes I am a self diagnosed hoarder, my track records in games can support this)

It’s not hoarding. It’s collecting. And collectors are a major demographic of gaming.

To repeat this knowledge because it pertains very much to what you’re saying, collectors in loot games operate under the following motivations:

  • Achievement - Completion: They want to collect everything! They want one of each of every gun for their trophy room, because then they can say they did it. It’s a point of pride to show they put in the work and now have a full collection.
  • Achievement - Power: The more weapons they have, the greater the pool they have to draw from to get more powerful. As the company nerfs or buffs guns, having a greater library to draw from guarantees you will always be prepared and powerful for any new content.
  • Creativity- Discovery: The more guns you can hold, the more you can experiment with new builds, new combos, and otherwise just have fun with the mechanics. Tired of your build? Cool, I can put together 15 others in a second.
  • Creativity - Design: I want all the gear because I want to constantly customize myself and feel different from the rest of the playerbase.

There’s data and demographic science behind this:

All of those motivations are generally found to be medium to high in pretty much any looter game. So what you call “hoarding”, myself and many other calls “playing a loot game.”

Thankfully, Gearbox is going to give us some more space. Probably not enough, but hopefully over time they realize that they have indeed made a loot game, and a whole lot of people want to be able to save that loot to collect, show off, experiment with, and customize themselves with.

Also, Hoarding is an inherently derogatory term. If you want to open up the conversation by belittling people, you did a fantastic job.


Collecting something that you’re not going to use is hoarding.

But they do use it. They use it for all the motivations I listed. Did you not read before responding?


I know there are collectors, and then there are hoarders. I do not collect, I hoard. I would save every leveling gold gun along the way to 50 and see something cool and just keep it. Not as a collection, but because I wanted to hoard it. IRL I am not a hoarder, in games I am. In my RPGs I have random 1000x stacks of useless stuff and useful stuff. The useful stuff, I do not even use. The useless stuff I never use, it is just there. It is not for my collection, if so I would just have 1. Just giving advice from a fellow hoarder to others.

I’m in the creativity wheelhouse. I like to make new builds with odd weapons.

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If you are actually saving things with no motivation behind it, then I can see where you’re coming from. Don’t know too many people who do this, though, and I haven’t seen most people asking for more bank space who have this problem.

I think I’m just extremely tired of the many people who conflate collecting with hoarding in order to defend our extremely small bank sizes.

something your probably going to use is not hoarding.
Keeping 273 fastballs is hoarding. keeping multiple crossroad, each in different elements, a couple grenades, in case the one you use gets nerfed, a different shield, in case the annointed one you are using doesnt cut it,

Wait till you see the amount of wooden plates I have in Skyrim.

HAHAHA That is the only game I have a collection going! I collected all the books I can find, ditch the dupes and in hopes of one day reading them all… so far only read a few after many years :frowning:

But I do have hoards of a bunch of stuff I keep in random barrels.

Enter my house, and find the cheese amalgamation. It is the combination of me playing the game for a few years, and also farming restaurants for all of their cheese.

My pressious plates, I have to find them.

I’m almost certain it wasn’t meant that way, I get what OP is saying.

I’ve had this issue with all the BL’s games, and games like it (Destiny, The Division, etc) where the focus is on lots and lots of gear being available and then the issue of where to store it.

I’d love to be able to keep all my legendary gear (no matter the level) and all of the Epic gear at max level, but I can’t. With the limited space we have access to that would be impossible. Like you, I like to experiment with different combo’s of gear and its not really something I can do to the level I want to based on the storage limitations.

Go back and read OP’s post, we’re all saying the same thing.

Bank is being expanded soon, that will help.