Gear level issues...glitch?

So my brother got the game recently but every item drop he gets is like 2-4 levels too high… every time? On my run throughs I don’t get this problem? Like don’t get me wrong I get higher level gear too, but not every gear item. Literally every gear item he gets is too high level for him to use, full red inventory lol. Any help anyone? :slight_smile: thanks

What’s the level of the mission he’s on? Is he playing too far ahead? The gear might be locked to mission level, rather than player level.
If not, not sure what the issue is.
Hope he gets it sorted. =]

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He’s level 12 fighting the first traunt, isn’t that about right?

That’s what happens on my playthroughs as well. If you don’t do any sidequests you’re a bit underleveled for the mains. Still doable though, all the way to the end.

Like if you race through to Mouthpiece, you can easily be level 4, and everything that drops and is sold at the vending machines in their broadcast center is at lvl 6.

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Ah so just run like say 3 side missions then? Or something like that?

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Yeah, something like that. I’m not sure exactly. I do think it depends on the side quest. Some are easy and give very little xp. Some are more involved

Also, the challenges are good xp boosts (like claptrap, COV communications, typhon logs and caches).


It could be worse: you could be getting all gear that is 2 levels LOWER!

At least you can use it once you lvl up a little.

(oh, and I forgot…zero targets and hammerlock targets are good xp too)


Cool cool I’ll get him to run some quests, cheers guys I’ll give that a go