Gear library, Titles, and DLC character unlocks Disappeared

Last night I experienced numerous communication errors with the Battleborn servers while opening loot packs, selling gear, and accessing the command menu.

I played a couple story missions tonight, both of which gave me similar errors upon completion.

However after the second match (ID: 20170219-MATCH-b05987de-01bd-4950-a707-bb7029fb559a), I noticed that my gear library was missing over 110 different gear pieces I had previously acquired, that all DLC characters were locked once again (I have unredeemed hero keys again), and roughly 90% of my unlocked titles, including titles from character progression, lore challenges, etc. (none of which were lost or set back to an earlier state) are locked again.

From what I can tell, I seem to have had all game progress from prior to the Winter Update removed, and only progress from after that update is still on my account.

I have reset the game and logged back into the title screen multiple times. I’m still getting communication errors when I log into the title screen or sometimes the command menu (message reads “The Battleborn server has reported an internal time out error. Please check your network connection and try again.”).

Send help. This is basically me quitting the game if there is no way of recovering any of this progress.

I wish I could help as the same things are happening to me but it kinda just fixed itself for me. But now I can’t log into BB as it states “Player initializtion failed: An unknown error has occurred”

I would say I love this game and that it’s 100% better than even overwatch, but at least I can play that. If I could just play the game, I would be the happiest person on earth. For now I’m resorting to borderlands and smite. You can consider me gone until I can play the game fluently. I have faith that GBX can fix this, it just matters when.

Yea, it’s resolved itself, but I’m really leery of continuing to play this weekend for fear of it happening again, which is a shame, because you know, Lootpocalypse.

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Well I got it started but now every match I’m in, someone disconnects and we have to go thru matchmaking AGAIN