Gear loadout improvements during character selection

  1. picking from a gear preset is ok, but it would be nice to be able to create a new gear loadout during that 100 second waiting period while everyone is choosing a character. having to make a preset gear loadout is a lame disruption from main loop of the game (that loop being: play a game, hop back in the queue). this minor inconvenience discourages experimentation and seems easily avoidable if we’d be allowed to build a gear loadout right before a battle.

  2. also, please let me inspect my existing gear presets from this same screen. i really can’t be bothered to remember what the goggles with red trim do compared to the goggles with white trim. unless the items are going to look drastically different, there needs to be a way to get a summary of what stat bonuses a gear loadout gives you before locking in a selection.

Also, a default loadout for a character. We can choose default skins and taunts. Why not loadouts?

I’d be fine with that if it didn’t wait on it for the game start. As of right now, if everyone on both teams has picked their characters then the timer is shortened and the game starts. I don’t want to have to wait the full 120 seconds because someone is deciding to play around with their gear.

At Command Rank 29 I have like 6 different loadouts, plenty to make a variety of options for one or more characters before hand.

honestly i wish you could just pick your 3 items mid-game.

awesomenauts originally had a loadout system kind of like this and they pulled it because it ultimately made builds less diverse. the reason it made things less diverse is because when building a loadout, you tend to choose a consistent ‘jack of all trades’ loadout so you don’t get screwed on situational upgrades that might be less useful in certain comps (this led to a lot of upgrades being unused despite actually being fantastic in certain matchups). a simple example of this in battleborn would be an HP Regen item. there’s less of a reason to use this piece of gear if you have a healer on the team or you choose a character that already has great sustain.