Gear Loadout suggestion

I may or may not be the only one thinking about this, but I personally think that there should be at least one loadout tied to each character.

My ideal setup would have each character start with 1 loadout, have a 2nd unlocked through character progression, and a 3rd purchasable with credits. Along with a handful of “universal” loadouts for character testing purposes.

Only because I find that different characters require unique loadouts. And IMO, it would be far more convenient if we didn’t have to tweak loadouts between missions or matches before we choose a different character set.

Just a thought…

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It’s probably limited to 9 because of how the page is set up. The size and positionings of the layout . I would love to have that many Loadouts slots but I doubt it will happen. They might give us a few more though that would be cool for sure

If it is an issue with the page, a work around would be for you to select a character from the command screen then add a page inside there that would be labeled “Loadouts” this screen would look just like the gear screen but only have however many loadouts they would allow. They could then keep the general gear screen for editing like 2-3 general loadouts and buy more packs or sell gear.


At the very least, there should be 1 loadout per character. As it stands, having only 1 loadout for every 3.33* characters seems unnecessarily constrained.

Having loadouts attached to characters would lead to less time watching the command menu & more time watching critters get killed. :smiling_imp:

*(after 27-30 are released)

I wuoldn’t have a problem with nine loadouts under normal circumstances…really, you only have a few roles that need filling, with special considerations given to characters that care about reload speed or who lack shields. Most of the time, several characters can share one slot with minimal impact.

The real problem are the character-specific legendaries, which end up making a loadout slot dedicated to one character alone, since no one else will get the full benefit of the legendary.

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Please continue in this existing thread:

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