Gear Management Questions / Help Please

Hey guys.

Couple questions:

I really want to start spending some of my vast amount of credits on gear.

But my gear bank has been at 278 (or overloaded…) for sooooo long.

So I need to make space.

Should I just sell all my green gear?

I NEVER use any of it.

I sometimes use cheap or free white gear for capture.

And of course I want to keep my zero cost shard gen / wrench.

I really want more / better blue / purple / orange gear!


Thanks in advance.

I’d say sell the green gear, I was never a hoarder and for the longest time hadn’t upgraded my bank space, until the Lootpocalypse when I started farming erratically. Even then I discarded much of the items I obtained during that week and ended up back below 39.

If you don’t use it, why keep it? That’s my view anyway, last I played my bank contained only 0 cost whites and legendaries. Purples are always nice to keep, especially with negative stats. One of my favourite purples was my Rogue boots with a negative, I’d combine that with the Go-Go Juice and run around with Boldur’s shield up just blazing passed people and being nigh-uncatchable :joy:

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If you don’t use green gear EVER, sell it.

And even some blues/purples that decrease stats that are good for every kind of character (movement speed, total health etc.) :slight_smile:

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I have all 28 character legendaries and all mission and most gear pack legendaries (1 copy of each) - if I get a better rolled one I sell the previous one. I keep 1 of each purple I find (if they have a viable negative effect - I keep them too). I have 1 of each white max rolled and many of those with negative effects too, because 0 cost is always good to have. I tend to keep most of the green and blue with negative effects too, unless they have a minus damage reduction, hp, movement speed or attack speed - I sell those in an instant, because they make every single character worse.

Out of all colors I have blue items the least, they have the worst shard cost/efficiency rating for me.

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Some of the green shard gens are very handy.
While they are not free they provide either Shield penetration or increase attack damage.

One of my best health regens is also green.

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Since I know you have most to all characters mastered and you don’t mind playing any of them, my suggestion is thinking about what roles you play and build loadouts based on that. For example, I love Deande and really enjoy Shayne, so I have two loadouts that they share; for meltdown/incursion I use a 0 cost shard, 0 cost shield recharge, and purple max shield. For capture, 0 cost max shield, 0 cost shield recharge, and move speed.

Same goes with my Rath/Gali/Pendles combo. Since I stack attack speed and need a way to level up quickly with them, I use 0 cost wrench/shard and a blue attack speed (for capture it’s a 0 cost one).

Once you figured that out, you will realize what items you use and don’t use. I never use a CC reduction item, but I have my legendary ones and a 0 cost one just in case. Same goes with healing received, damage reduction, and shield penetration.

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