Gear management takes too much time

Everyone loves lots of loot, but managing gear takes too much time. I have 75 unopened packs that, if I could preview, I’d know exactly what to sell to make room for the gear I want.

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How did you manage to acquire 75 unopened loot packs? :open_mouth:

I always open any I’ve gained between matches, or at worst at the end of an evening, so management isn’t a problem to me.

Guess I just play too much. I’ve got 623 in the bank and the 75 unopened packs. Just spent 30 minutes reducing the bank from over 800. I never know who I’m going to play next, so I try to keep my options open. I’d love to be able to preview unopened packs to be able to make better decisions.

It’s not the case. You’re a hoarder.

But I understand what you’re talking about. I have that feel too - I don’t know whether I need it in future or not. But still it’s obvious one wouldn’t need all these 600+ items.