Gear organizing

I would love for them to have it that you could sort your gear by name of the item then it’s prefixes because it is a pain to have to look at everything just to be able to compare them.


And diffrent tabs so you can switch between sniper rifler, pistols, granades and tabs for all vaulthunters. If I am looking for an Amara specific anointment I usually have to Look up all my 30 cutsman and then remember which few were for Amara.

I agree. This is a good idea.

The best I can do for now is sort by manufacturer. At least then all of the same gear is (relatively) grouped…even if you have to go through manually and sort through the various types of gun.

Your idea is better, though.

And filters would be nice too. So if I just want to see “Jakobs - snipers”, I could

100% onboard with this suggestion.

Along the lines of what @kenziesilk said, they should consider changing Sort by Manufacturer to use the make/model (“Maggie” instead of “Dastardly Maggie”) as the secondary order (sort by Manufacturer then by Make/Model).

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