Gear Power Scaling

Here’s a simple fact about Battleborn’s gear system: The more shards it costs to activate a piece of gear in relation to the cost of a comparative piece of gear, the more powerful its effects are.

In other words, you really do get more bang for more shards. If something costs 10% more than another similar gear piece, then you’re getting 10% more of an effect out of it. The only exceptions to this rule are common items with negative effects and legendary items as they have set prices.

So what are these magic numbers you should look for when seeing if your gear piece is the best it possibly could be?

Common Gear (White)

No negative effect: 420 shards
With a negative effect: N/A - Refer to Maximum Stat Bonus section for details.

Uncommon Gear (Green)

No negative effect: 714 shards
With a negative effect: 420 shards

Rare Gear (Blue)

No negative effect: 924 shards
With a negative effect: Theoretically “630 shards” I actually need an example of one of these

Epic Gear (Purple)

No negative effect: 1050 shards
With a negative effect: 756 shards

Legendary Gear (Orange)

No negative effect: N/A - Refer to Maximum Stat Bonus section for details.

Maximum Stat Bonuses for all gear types.

If you have a piece that isn’t listed here or is higher than the values listed here, please reply with a picture of the gear so I can update it! Also note that the rarity of the item does not affect the potency of its primary benefit A white syringe can give the same amount of health per second as an orange syringe. Additionally, negative effects match 1:1 with primary effects while secondary effects are reduced by some number.

Syringe: ------------- +7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
Shoulder Pads: ------- +5.60% Damage Reduction
Gauntlet: ------------ +9.80% Attack Damage

*Emblem: ------------- +7.00% Skill Damage
Blade: --------------- +9.80% Attack Speed
Magazine: ------------ +21.00% Reload Speed

*Combat Vest: -------- +280 Maximum Health
Shoes: --------------- +5.60% Movement Speed
First Aid Kit: ------- +14.00% Heal Power

Pendant: ------------- +14.00% Healing Recieved
*Monocle: ------------ +10.50% Critical Hit Damage
*Wrench: ------------- +21.00% Buildable Cost

*Battery: ------------ +140 Maximum Shield Strength
Shard Generator: ----- +2.10 Bonus Shards per Second
Coil: ---------------- -1.05 Second Shield Recharge Delay

*Capacitor: ---------- +42.00 Shield Recharge per Second
Helmet: -------------- -14.00% CC Duration
Watch: --------------- -7.00% Cooldown Time

*Drink: -------------- +9,81% Sprint Speed
Stock: --------------- -17.50% Recoil
*Arrow: -------------- +21.00% Shield Penetration

Note: The entries marked with an asterisk (*) are theoretical maximums. I don’t personally have a piece of gear that reflects those numbers yet. If you have a piece of gear that matches the maximum cost for its rarity, please take a screenshot of it and show me.

I still need examples of Skill Damage, Critical Hit Damage, Shield penetration, Maximum Health, Maximum Shield Strength, Shield Recharge per Second, Sprint Speed, and Buildable Cost gear.