Gear question for Benedict

How does nimble prefix or increased reload after reload affect Benedict or earnest? Since their reloads are segmented do they get the bonus with each rocket/shell? If so after Bene reloads the first rocket is his reload speed increased to 30%? I have been wanting to try the nimble reload gear as I think it would be good for oscar mike, calderius, and depending on its interaction possible Bene/earnest as well.

Thanks for any help


Have you tested this previously?

Does Deande reload?


No but you and Blaine just seemed very knowledgeable the time I played with you all.


After a full clip reload


Thank you it is probably not very good on him then.


That depends, you can shoot and reload on Minion waves and keep a “full” clip for Hawkeye


Fair enough. But I must unfortunately say I know only things about Deande. Because, Well, she about all I care about. I do appreciate the mention though. But Blaine is probably better for this.

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Not even a shoutout to @vagrantsun or @Garrus_Sniper, who play Benedict regularly? Et tu, Nemo?

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A blue reload speed is unnecessary on Benedict. A common reload speed will let start reload cancelling (being able to reload between shots without interrupting his fire rate) when combined with his level three reload speed gear.

That said you can use this:

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There is no sense in using a blue piece when all you are getting is an extra 10% reload speed for an extra 900 shards.

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Ya to trigger anything like that you need a full reload. This is why Vins Quiver dose not trigger 90% of the time on Benedict and Ernest. The reload Cancel messes with the game registering when to apply a buff. Luckaly unlike Vins Quiver The “After a reload” Effect from a Blue triggers on a clip being fully reloaded.

Common 420 Reload Speed, Sportsman Haute-Courte (or however the hell you pronounce that dumb LLC rare), Symbiotic Gauntlet.

Maximize the amount of Max health you get, maximizing the amount of damage you can push out with the Gauntlet, which synchs with Benedict’s own damage output.

You can thank me anytime :dukegrin: