Gear Question Overshiled While Cloaked

So my main is Deande. I have this new piece of legendary gear which I have equipped for her which give her extra shield and after her shield rechrges it’ll give her an over shield for 8 seconds. Now I don’t feel like testing this out right now, nor will I be able to for awhile. Question is, when Deande is cloaked, will this over shield give her location away, like can others see a purple outline of her or no? I feel as if you can’t but I wanna make sure and find out if any of you know. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d say no, as you can have an overshield while cloaked as Pendles and remain incognito, I don’t see why it should work any differently for Deande :slight_smile:
What I would like to know, does the overshield add damage to Burst Dash with Calculaed Risk?

No they can’t see you if the overshield is active
I’m not 100% but I think you can see the pulse upon activation if your in stealth
Maybe not

Either way Executive Insurance Policy is awesome

Only one other Sheild I’d choose over it

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It does not
Which is actually a great thing
Because if you OS is up you still have a sheild after its drained


Oh I want that so bad! I spent months farming loot packs for one of those and an LLC skill damage. I have a Voxis Core and a Shield Web Interdictor but man they’re expensive.

Yeah I love it
It’s amazing for Deande and Kleese

That was exactly who I wanted them for :wink: But I’ve barely played those two since their respective buffs, shame because Deande was my main for a long time :frowning:

BTW is this item triggering every time you go to full shield, or only if you completely lost your shield in between ? Because like that it seems quite effective when playing together with a Kleese, for example.

I can’t pay Kleese anymore. His extra health and low healing makes me play differently, and I can’t get back to how I used to play him. He’s still shockingly squishy too

Thanks guys I’m so excited to use this with Deande soon! It’s be a great addition to her calculated risk helix! :wink: