Gear question! What stats apply in what way to which heroes (i.e attack damage and speed)?

I feel ■■■■■■■■ for even asking this… but whatever.

If a piece of gear has +% Attack Damage does that apply to ranged characters for example Oscar Mike with his assault rifle? Will it make each bullet do more damage? Same thing with +% Attack Speed… would that increase how fast the assault rifle fire bullets? I mean, I assume it does and it would make sense BUT I’ve been playing around with attack damage and speed gear and I don’t notice any real difference outside of melee. I figure a piece of gear that has +11% Attack Damage would be noticeable by looking at how much damage each bullet does on average but even if I get a total of +15% Attack Damage on my gear and have them all activated I’m not actually noticing any real difference.

Would +% Attack Damage increase how much poison damage is done by Miko’s Kunai or just the initial Kunai impact? Is it supposed to effect any NON-skill damage?

Also on gear that has +# Shield Recharge Per Second, does that only apply when a shield is regenerating after it starts to regenerate or is it literally working constantly? Like if my shield takes damage and I have a gear activated that does +30 Shield Recharge Per Second does it recharge as soon as I take damage or does it just make the shield recharge that much faster once its regeneration process starts?

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Attack speed does increase rate of fire for guns, that much I’m sure of… I don’t think it reduces much the burst delay on Whiskey Foxtrot (or it’s not very noticeable) but he has a helix option with the red dot sight that improves the burst rate. Attack damage also does improve damage per bullet.

Attack damage I don’t know about extra effects, I would think that would rely on skill damage but someone else may know better. The shield recharge per second only applies when it is recharging, as there is also a reduce shield recharge delay statistic.

Some characters have a bit of an odditiy with Attack vs skill damage, like issac, whose rapid fire attacks are considered to be attack damage while releasing his charged attack is considered to be skill damage.

More question in the same boat i would like to know…

Does attack speed effect how long it takes to draw and charge Thorne’s arrow? What about Toby’s charge up time?

Does reload speed effect Montana’s heat buildup?

Does skill damage effect bonus damage? Like Passives from Marquis, El Dragon, Whiskey Foxtrot, etc…

Does Bonus healing recieved effect self heals like Miko’s biosynthesis.

Does +healing effect shield recharging skills, like kleese’s rifts?

I’d like to know the answer to all of these too! I’m starting to play Thorn a bit now and I gotta say I’m really liking her. It’s hard to say just from knowing her basic mechanics how +Attack Speed will effect her bow and arrows. I mean… I’m not sure if +Reload Speed would effect Thorn at all and if it does then what does +Attack Speed do for her? A bit difficult to say just from knowing her basic mechanics and functionality.

Also, as far as I know +Healing Received does effect how much Miko gets from self-heals… it is logical and based on me playing Miko a lot myself it seems to work but I’ve never actually paid specific and exact attention it in terms of raw numbers but I’ve noticed my HP bar rises quicker.

+Healing effects DO effect shield healing skills (at least with Reyna anyways). I’ve read this and I know it’s true by testing it out myself however I’m not positive about Kleese’s rifts but I’m pretty confident the gear does in fact work for them.

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You don’t notice attack speed until you hit close to 20% usually. And attack damage at around 10%.
Some characters it just lets you fire quicker as opposed to making the shots faster. Like Toby for example.

Kleeses Rifts are effected by skill damage on the pulse.

Great thread. I was about to start the very same thread regarding a couple of questions I have…

What’s the main difference between +attack damage and +skill damage?
+skill damage affects as stated the amount of damage your skills do. But what exactly counts as skills?
Is the limitation that a skill is one of your three activated abilities for each character?

  • Does ISICs ultimate form count as a skill? Does that mean that your machine gun and the cannon benefits from +skill damage?

How about +attack damage then? Attack damage sounds as it would boost all your offensive abilities. Is this true? Or does +attack damage only boost your mainhand and offhands offensive abilities? Caldarius guns and energy blade for example.