Gear stacks question

how long do they last for? mainly i’m wondering about the vow of vengeance legendary. like if you played marquis and melee’d a thrall would the stack stick around till death? or for a certain time limit?

Time limit but you can chain refreshing them if you keep in combat.

do you have any idea how long the time limit is for by chance?

I believe it is 5 seconds.

I believe it depends upon the legendary in question.

While I don’t have a Vow of Zealous Fury (would love to get one though), I’ve been told that the stacks persist even through death. I know that the Vampiric Vestment stacks are permanent until death. I’m also reasonably sure, based upon my own experiences with the Vow of Vengeance, that those stacks remain for much longer than 5 seconds (since I don’t recall seeing my damage scale up after the first few hits; this is admittedly anecdotal evidence that I could easily be missing the lower damage numbers amidst the storm of effects and whatnot filling my screen when I’m wailing on targets). I would be pretty surprised if the stacks for the Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr didn’t last at least until you died, since they require a crit to generate the stack rather than a simple melee hit.