Gear Stat Stacking Question


Say I have two different weapons equipped that give a bonus to Melee Damage… if I have a 3rd weapon equipped and in use, do I still get those other stats passively stacked on too? Meaning… if i have four weapons that give +60% melee damage, does i get all those bonuses, or just the one that is in use?

No. You will only gain the effect of the currently held weapon.

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Ok that’s what I thought, but I’ve been seeing people make videos and stacking one type of weapon that has a bunch of a certain stat as if they were trying to get all those bonuses. Thanks.

Were they talking about crit swapping because that is different. Shoot a rocket and switch to a unforgiven and suddenly the rocket has +400% crit. Crazy strong, but only used for a few bosses.

In one case a guy I saw on YouTube had 2 Cutsman equipped, so I wasn’t sure if it was cause of the Melee damage% buff. In another video a guy had an extra charge of Rakk Attack on a Hellwalker but that wasn’t his primary weapon so i was wondering about it.

With the rakk attack bonus on anointment, once you equip the gear long enough for the CD to pass you get the charge and can swap off the gear until you use it and need to regain it. So having it on close range weapons is great because once a zone is clear you can keep it for the start of the next area while swapping to a better ranged weapon until you close the gap.