Gear stats: July 2019

Hi. My friends and I are running OP levels after getting to 80 and have been getting items that are exceeding the stat caps. For example my friend found a “Legendary cat class mod” for the Siren last night that has 140% SMG gun damage.

I am wondering if anybody knows of a list or any info at all about commander lilith dlc stat changes.

The new level cap does have some increased stats. So anything old OP8 is now level 80, and OP whatever will have the potential for higher stats in reference to the new level cap of 80. There isn’t any hard data on that yet, but there have been reports of higher numbers on Bone relics in other threads.

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It’s the kind of thing that everyone here wishes they had they energy to work on - but really don’t.

To whit : there was a post in Discord that suggested that Sal’s offhand got modified in the last update. I just about had a conniption with the thought that I had to retest everything to update major tracts of two threads. Luckily it turned out to be misinformation.


Thanks for the info. I figured that the “new” OP 10 would technically be lvl 90 but I assumed that all the older items had a hard cap and Op 10 items would have stayed the same as a couple months ago.

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