Gear suggestions for my Fl4k build

Hey everyone,

Been getting into Fl4k alot more and would love some gear advice for my build. Everything from the main stream weapons to some hidden. Gems that Are fun and viable.

Here is my build

Currently have gamma burst as my action skill, great horned slag as my pet, deathless artifact as I’m focusing on 50/150 urad for weapon annointments and a Red Fang for my class Mod. Grenade/shield/weapons are open to suggestions.

Thanks In advance

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I use a similar build and one thing I would suggest is spreading out the elements on your guns. Urad is powerful, but not everything is weak to radiation. Guns I have found to be great with Urad: Breath of the Dying, Reflux, Hellwalker, Skullmasher (this one I got just yesterday so I haven’t been able to try yet), Beacon, Monarch, Krakatoa. Basically any good weapon will become better with this build.

One thing worth adding is Urad also effects grenades so if you use the Scorcher (+30% elemental damage) with an elemental grenade and the ASA 150% grenade damage anointment then you’re into some really powerful stuff. Then we start adding splash and AOE on our class mod and artifact (further boosting our Beacon/Breath of the Dying orbs)… Let’s just say my Doc Hina’s Miracle Bomb is capable of some truly incredible stuff.

Oh and my Breath of the Dying orbs one shot any armoured enemy, including Wotan’s final stage.

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That’s funny, cause currently I’m running a krakatoa, breath of the dying, monarch and a reflux/brainstormer (enemy dependent).

Grenade I’m using a cloning hunter seeker with 150% while active and a resuit shield to keep from blowing myself up with radiation

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My only real suggestion might be to swap Hive Mind for Persistence Hunter as far as skills.

Other than that I would go for a Light Show, Monarch, Plaguebearer and Hellwalker for the supreme meta combo.

Skullmasher is pretty sweet right now as well, getting a URad one can be a pain though.

@Jastorm187 For some reason I cannot see your skill tree spec/build. However, I have been maining the Fl4k Urad/Deathless setup for 3-4 months now. This is the skill build I use. I use a Red Fang with as many points into He Bites as possible (the rest of the skills don’t really matter for a Red Fang) and the best possible passives (I have found generic weapon crit, reload speed, or shield passives work great, or for the Jakobs allegiance variant of the build, Jakobs weapon crit or reload speed both also are good).

(EDIT: Forgot to mention that the reason I throw one point into ETI in the green tree is so that I can get down to the Gunslinger Jabber - the movement speed and crit passives go really well with a GB build because it allows for better positioning and gives you the 15% crit on top).

I have 2 variants of the build that I run: what I affectionately refer to as the “Fl4k the World” variant and the Jakobs allegiance variant. The FTW variant looks like this (all Urad anoints, of course):

Plaguebearer (cryo)
Reflux (x14)
Light Show (cryo)
Monarch (x4 for more shots per mag, kinetic or cryo)
Transformer (your choice on anoints, doesn’t matter)
Hunter-Seeker or Hex (shock, OGT anoint)
Atom Balm Deathless

Cryo works best with a Urad build IMO because you do not have to worry about element-matching (the cryo and Urad combo is effective against all resistances). You could element-match and get slightly more damage, however.

With the FTW variant of the build you also can throw on an amp shield (a Big Boom Blaster with a double amp roll is the best selection IMO because of the shield booster, but a purple One-Shotter works really well too) to put it totally over the top. The FTW version of the build can do any content in the game on any difficulty setting, no sweat at all. Other weapons that can be easily subbed into the FTW build (these are just a few I regularly sub in and out, but there are a ton of weapons that work well with the build):

Blood-Starved Beast

For the Jakobs allegiance variant, I simply sub out the above weapons for:

Clarvoyance (I prefer the masher variant personally)

The Jakobs variant can do the MTD on True Takedown mode, no problem. It will suffer a little if you are trying to do the Guardian Takedown, and it generally is a little slower and more methodical playstyle than the FTW variant of the build, but I find it to be a more fun playstyle.

Sorry for the long post. I have been telling myself I need to post this in the build section, but I have never gotten off my butt to do it LOL.