Gear that buffs nearby allies- what's the range?

so there are 3 pieces of gear (at least) that give bonuses to nearby allies- what is the distance that they reach?

Say i’m running a full support Kid Ultra, how do the radii of these gear effects compare to the radii of his Aura of Justice? I’m hoping theyre comparable or the gear is wider, but who knows…

the gear I’m talking about is:



Song of vigor i used with my bf vs the first mini boss in the algorythm. I got killed in the center of the room and my bf had regen everwhere. So i guess as big as that.

One 4 all is miko beam range. I used it on galilea to give some shields to my miko and sometimes save a teamate poping 70 shield. In the end it was usless.

All 4 one… Never used it, is the only way to make kid ultra drones heal more. I tested heal recive gear. Heal power or skill dmg are usless with his healing, you can run negative heal power and heal the same crappy ammount. Only his ult is affected. His legendary is good for the 15% att dmg

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@blainebrossart1 If Song of Vigor’s radius is an entire room, then the 108.5 Hlth regen build for Kelvin isn’t that crazy and dangerous.

It would still bunch up everyone together and allow for a massive team wipe. Kelvin might live but the softer teammates might not and when they go down the tank is next.

That’s where team composition would come in wouldn’t it?

What team comp do you think would be good for constantly having everyone in close range of each other?

Kelvin, Miko, Galilea, Ernest and plus other would be a good team comp to make this work.

ANd if Santbech is right, the radius is the same or bigger than the henchmen boss room on algorithim so it’s pretty big

Sad I don’t have people to test this with and my PSplus is down DX

From what I’ve seen it’s not actually that big. But it was a while ago when I tested it so I think I’ll hop online right now and see.

You don’t need PS+ to test this and I have song of vigor. As long as we are doing a private match we should be able to play without PS+

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Really aww nice

Also my bad for derailing just been wanting to know the radius for these things too

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This is the range of Song Of Vigor’s legendary effect. It also goes through walls so LoS is not needed.

Thanks again for helping with this @ckgz800873


It looks far or is it the whole perspective thing?

It’s not terribly far. I should test this on a PvP map to give some perspective on it but I need to run some errands right now.

When you get the chance, try it again with one of the players being KU. His passive could be a great visual tool to assist in Song of Vigor and it’s ilks range.


Well probably was bug coz i died

Confirming the range


Haven’t tested, but I’d assume similar to Kid Ultras radius for his buff.