Gear thoughts. Oops I've deleted my legendary

I loved BL2 had a “locking” mechanism for the gear. Is it possible to add this to BB?

I’m sure most would agree that either and/or an oops button and locking mechanism should be added to the game.



I accidentally sold a pearlescent once. Thanks for the buyback option Marcus!


Just once!?

Without buyback I don’t think I’d have a legendary gun with the speed to which I accidentally sold them.

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Lol, no doubt my friend.

Good times. :grinning:

I’m scared to death about selling my character specific lore legendaries which is why I always keep a few “in between” ■■■■ pieces of gear from my new pieces so I have kind of a buffer so I know not to sell them

When I get to the crappy gear I automatically think to myself “Oh! My legendary is coming up. don’t get too close” which helps me

I doubt they could do a “buyback” option. i mean they could but would they want to? All the loopholes they’d have to go through

EVER piece of gear and transactions go through their servers. I’m sure it was tough enough just doing it so nobody could duplicate or cheat by getting better stats than possible. Now you want an option to “hold” onto a piece of gear? A SINGLE piece of gear? Or even then to buy back one already sold?

If it does come it will be a long time from now. You could always just sort by “Rarity” and not go anywhere near your puples/golds. Works as a buffer also

I understand a “buy” back option is a reach but a “lock” mechanism could easily be implemented.

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I do sort by rarity as a buffer.

What would happen if someone deleted a lore legendary? Major bummer.

I just think it would be nice to have a lock.

Would it be hard? I truly don’t know

I would also like a marking system of some kind, so i can have favs, or what i would REALLY like is a way to put a mark that has a pc’s face as the mark - because some i have are specifically only good for a certain character (& if i dont think of it when i look at it im prone to selling it thinking its garbage! :p). even better if that could be seen from the loadout screen (or at let us see what gear we have in each loadout on the selection screen -in case- we have a negative on something because we didnt think we’d play a char that’d affect, lol. ive ended up making my loadouts pretty bland on my latest builds to be as flexible as possible. the downside being that im not as strong solo.
Thankfully, the battleborn discord has kept me from having to go solo with randos so they’ve worked ok so far. :slight_smile:

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