Gear Tidbit - Not all Fastballs are created equal

I’ve often noticed that Fastballs have a damage range for any given level but never stayed in the farm long enough to see just what the range was. Normally, I’m just looking to get one that is a particular element and as I progress through the farm notice about where the damage for a decent one should be. Farming Boll yesterday for an OP4 corrosive I got many explosives, a few shocks and few incendiaries before he ever gave up a corrosive. As a result I was able to see the full damage range of the OP4 Fastballs. When I calculated the damage range I was surprised just how big it is. So this morning, went to the Gear Calculator and checked what the variable is that determines a Fastball’s damage. As it turns out, only the “Damage grade” which ranges from grade 3 - 7 impacts the output damage on fastballs. Here’s what the numbers revealed.
Edit Note: The total damage numbers in the Gear Calculator for Fastballs are wrong, but the percent change between grades and levels is correct. I confirmed this with my inventory of fastballs, removed the Gear Calculator numbers and replaced the example with observed numbers. On to the results.

The overall damage range from lowest to highest for any element fastball at any level is 14.28% and is spread in equal quarters throughout the range. For example:

Lvl OP4, grade 7 of 44.155 million damage, minus grade 3 of 38.635 million = 5.519 million damage range. One quarter of the 5.519 million would be added to a grade 3 to get the grade 4 damage value, 38.635 + 1.380 = 40.015 million for damage.

What good is this? For one thing, it can be a quick way to estimate what the damage range is while farming. If you see a difference of approximately 1 million between two fastballs of the same level, you know your looking at a range of about 4 million. The main benefit however is knowing that a 14.28% increase in fastball damage is worth some effort. For my OP4s that equaled a boost of 5,519,376 damage points from a grade 3 to a grade 7. For my Axton, his Bad just got upped.

Also, if your running around with a grade 3 fastball of any level and upgrade it one level higher and to a grade 7, you will add 29% damage. The damage increase between levels is 13%.


Nice find, I’ll keep it in mind next time farming, which should be very soon.

You should check the numbers, lvl 50 Fastball is over 600k.

Thanks, I forgot that the Gear Calculator is wrong for grenade damage numbers. The percent change between levels and grades is correct. I’ll add a disclaimer.

Gear Calc is pretty terrible for grenades and shields. I’ll see if I can test them out at OP0 or 10 or whatever.

Please do, with my error in example selection this post probably lost all credibility.

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I can’t get single Fastball to check your formula :confused:

As promised : OP0/level 80, BAR off, no relic, etc.

Explosive, grade 3 : 23695K

Explosive, grade 7 : 27081K

Incendiary, grade 3 : 41467K

Incendiary, grade 7 : 47391K

Moral of the story : it’s more important to element match than worry about what grade you ended up with.
Incendiary, grade 7 with Bone : 65874K

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but why is explosive so much less?

Presumably it’s the coefficient (x1.5 vs flesh). There are also other parts variables that elemental grenades have that explosive don’t.

For what it’s worth which appears to be little. I farmed all 5 grades of OP5 tonight. Here is the data to confirm my point, which had nothing to do with flesh, coefficients, multipliers or buffs. It’s simple card numbers when farming fastballs that show someone can get a 14.28 % increase in damage if they know that a fastball can drop at 5 different damage grades. The damage numbers are consistent regardless if elemental or explosive. It’s a set value equally distributed to each grade. The only variable numbers are the elemental damage per sec.

Fastball Base Dmg OP4 to OP5 OP4 to OP5
by Grade (G) OP4 OP5 Dmg Increase % Increase
Grade 3 38635636 43658296 5022660 13.000%
Dmg Increase G3 to G4 1559220
Grade 4 45217516
Dmg Increase G4 to G5 1559228
Grade 5 46776744
Dmg Increase G5 to G6 1559224
Grade 6 48335968
Dmg Increase G6 to G7 1559224
Grade 7 44155012 49895192 5740180 13.000%
Total Damage Increase 5519376 6236896
% Dmg Increase Grade 3-7 14.286% 14.286%

OP5 Grade 3 (left) and Grade 7 (right)

Is the grade tied to parts, or is it one of these hidden variable type things?

It is a hidden variable. There are actually three hidden variables for elemental, two for explosive.

On the Gear Calc, they’re called Accessory, Damage and Supplemental Damage

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OK, so the game rolls for a random grade when it spawns a Fastball and, depending on what that is, you can get a nice boost on your damage. Cool!

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Exactly! And after you’ve picked up a couple, you can easily tell what the approximate damage range is. Last night I got several of each grade 4, 5, and 6, long before I ever saw a 3 or a 7. I had an OP4 G7 so simply doing rough math in my head I could tell the range for an OP5 was about 6 million and there was one higher and one lower than what he had dropped me. I hung in there for another hour and got the G7 shock pictured. The day before, I did this on OP4 and got a full set of G7s in all elements and explosive in a few hours.
I didn’t find anything posted about fastball grades, thought it was interesting, useful and wanted to share it. Just a simple tidbit.


Actually, it does it for all grenades.
Should take a look at the bonus package. Or the storm front. Some interesting ones.

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Would be interesting to see if any other farmable grenades use the same or a similar spawn process. Could maybe tell by the Gear Calculator. I’d love to have top grade Quasars, but that would be a tough farm. That’s the other thing about the Fastball, it’s such a fast, easy farm, why not get the best he can drop.

Edit: As for the elemental Dps that I think Jefe eluded to, I believe I’ve seen lower grade base damage fastballs that have a higher Dps than the grade above them. Depending on their use with your build, this could make more sense than the higher base damage of a G7. But I suspect the higher Dps on a G7 could eventually be had with enough effort.