Gear Trade Request OP8

Looking to trade for any of the following. All OP8. I probably have anything not listed, but worth asking first to be sure. Plus a bunch of Foregrip purple rarity shotguns. Also have a Lvl 72 Sham and Hide of Terra… think I ditched the rest.

Also open to playing, although schedule can be erratic due to having a newborn. Same reason farming lost its fun - less free time. Just friend request my PSN : OperationSecure

Thanks all. Longtime reader of the forums and player since BL2 launched (PS3).

Wild Ogre (or any)
Binary Thunderball Fists
Grog Nozzle (any)
Norfleet (any - Shock preferable)
Low level Badaboom?
Hive (any)
Casual Carnage
Practicable Butcher (all elements)
Practicable Conference Call (all elements)
Rustlers Twister (or any)
Rough Rider (op8)
Magic Missile x4

So my game was open when my baby woke up. Came back and Norfleets were at my feet. No idea who left them.

Funny thing is I left the game for another minute and someone came back and finished the mission, then returned me to Sanctuary to turn it in.

Big thanks to whoever did this. If I owe you anything, just say.

I’m really excited about the Butchers if anyone has any. I love that gun. Favorite in the game to have fun with. I actually regret going OP because I had a couple at 72.

Hey man, I’ve got some gear for you.

MM x4
Grog Nozzle

PSN dogstar13

My man!

Off topic, someone dropped a Legendary Berserker, and the first skill is +7 and second is +6. It’s also blue rarity.

I’m guessing this is modified? Didn’t know that was a thing on PS4, but this is my first time taking my PS4 online so who knows. Might be a developer item / special thing (like the Grog drops during Loot Hunt).

Yep, it’s modded, I’ve seen the same CM for most of the classes. The oddest one I’ve come
across was for Axton where someone had combined a Leg Soldier with the Antagonist shield.