Gear use: buffing strengths or rounding out weaknesses?

Do you like to use gear to help enhance what your charact re are already good at or use them to help fix what a character lacks? For example: I stack shield buffs (capacity, recharge, delay) on Kleese and S&A because they both benefit from these and have natural synergies with shield but buff Mellka’s health to almost stupid heights (almost an extra 1000 health with gear)

This could go further for either more maneuverability or tankiness for tank characters or changing orendi from a skill god to a quick mini tank at the cost of strength.

Anyone have any ideas they’ve seen that work great in terms of gear working for or against strengths? Any others should try out?

I try to gear towards the strengths of a hero, but with some characters i’m not as good staying alive so i tend to spec towards that weakness. Yes battles will take a bit longer but staying alive is more important. I do like the gear that does add attack speed/damage/reload speed but have a secondary stat that also provides some of that survivability.

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It depends on the character. And even then it can go both ways and be effective. My prime example is Rath. As of right now there are two different loadouts that I primarily use for PvP with him.

First one gives a large amount of max health and a moderate amount of attack damage/speed. It covers the weaknesses of his low health and low DPS to let him survive longer in the lane and get more out of his passive. It’s pretty effective in my experience.

The second gives a lot of movement speed and sprint speed with some max health. It capitalizes on his naturally high speed and allows for great chase power as well as diving to secure kills. At the same time it makes escaping far easier with how fast I can move. Once again it’s pretty effective.

Both loadouts are not only just viable very effective. However the way you play with one loadout is vastly different from the other. So I believe that gear is important to determining how you play the character you choose and it’s more a matter of which playstyle is more effective in your hands.

@Slif_One and I have actually discussed this a few times and he might have something to say on this matter as well.

btw. There is a thread with gear polls for each hero. In the results you could see some indication on what Gear ppl bring along

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Usually strengths. Or to take part of a kit with potential (Oh That Reminds Me) and make it amazing (734 shield). And in some cases flaws, like regen for Kleese, which is amazing by the way

I try not to stick with any one load-out for too long, and I don’t always practice what I preach. For example, I recommend health stacking on Mellka if players ask me for gear advice - but it’s not how I play her myself.

I kinda feel there’s a third way of thinking about gear, in addition to bolstering strengths and reducing weaknesses: you can use gear to add something that you simply won’t otherwise have. For example, lane sustain through regen, team debuffs through a legendary like Bola’s, or shard generation. That’s generally my favorite playground.

I’ve been using about 41.5 regen on her, which is just ridiculous amounts of survivability, lol.

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I always take a single blue syringe now, but no more than that. Regardless of what gear I use (or whether I even bring gear at all), I usually only ever die to stuns or Hawkeye - and my preferred answer to those is to play so offensively that even my counters are scared to come after me, haha.

The problem with stacking regen is that it encourages you to play evasive, harassing jumpy Mellka rather than precision, frenzied killer Mellka. Increasingly I think the latter approach is the best way to play her right now.

edit: but sometimes I’ll also play full regen just because it’s fun, mind you :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a mixed bag for me, and it varies character to character and mode to mode. Plus other things like team compositions and how lazy I’m feeling at the time.

  • Cover a weakness
    • El Dragon is made of paper mache before level 5, so I dedicated literally 50% of my gear towards buffing his survivability. And that was before the 10/11 patch.
    • Mellka has the lowest base health pool in the game, so naturally most of my gear goes towards buffing her survivability.
    • Boldur’s attack speed is very slow and unforgiving if you miss. And I’m pretty sure they improved its hitbox in the 10/11 patch, so it used to be much worse. So attack speed is a must IMO.
  • Play to a strength
    • Thorn’s skill damage was through the roof, and every skill was worth boosting. And even the bonus damage from her passive on cursed arrows and was boosted by skill damage.
    • Brawler Galilea doesn’t really have any weakness for the role she plays, so I just pour on the survivability.
    • Etc… it’s pretty evident what the strengths of characters are most of the time.
  • Unique variable
    • Galilea’s IDtGA only works at max health, so my DPS build prioitized shield strength and gambled on killing the enemy before they could break my shield. I had 636 shield while mobbing.
    • Deande’s Calculated Risk shield amp causes me to stack to 636 shield again.
    • Kleese’s Overloaded Mortars makes me shield stack yet again, and skill damage is the only way to increase his shield healing to my knowledge.
  • Mode
    • Face Off is a war of attrition where the team that goes back to base the least wins. So basically everyone that can’t sustain themselves gets health regen. And it becomes even more important if you don’t have a sustained healer like Ambra or Miko.
  • Team comp
    • If I don’t have a sustained healer in Incursion, I’ll run something like my Brawler Galilea over my DPS Galilea.
  • Level of effort
    • Someone like my Brawler Galilea is a lot easier to just relax and play the game with. “So what my shield broke, my 35 hps and amped up life steal will get me to full soon anyway.” As apposed to my DPS Galilea where one major slip up and I have use 2-3 Chaotic Infusion Desecrations to get back up to full.
    • Or with full on focus and map awareness I’ll play my Burst Dash Deande for example.
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I build my loadout thinking in hélix options and buff power.

If we could buy gear in a match ( with Nova or something) i would change it all the time depending on the enemy and our status.

No healer? 1 regen pice
Shield destroyers? Max health instead

I think you used the right word here: Synergy. I used to suggest always buffing a character’s strengths, but as I’ve become more experienced I’ve realised that gear choices really depend on the character, the build you use, and your playstyle, even map and mode come into play. For example, I typically run a wrench on Outskirts, but not Paradise or Coldsnap, and again on Overgrowth but not Echelon or Monuments.

Playing to a character’s strengths vs playing to their weaknesses really depends on the character in question. For example, Orendi has bugger all health BUT she’s bouncy as hell and has a very small hitbox, if you’re mobile enough you can barely get hit so health stacking is not necessary. Her strength is obviously skill damage, and if you stack skill damage you what happens at level 10… In Orendi’s case, I build her specifically for Pillarstorm every match because I don’t ever intend to not hit level 10 with her, and even when a match doesn’t last that long I still have maximum skill damage to ensure that minion waves don’t exist and any interfering Battleborn will feel the full force of a max damage Shadowfire Pillar.

Phoebe’s an opposite example. She’s an melee assassin/brawler and naturally when she’s landing hits she’s getting hit back by something, so instead of boosting damage we want to make sure she can survive close-range encounters because getting a kill means nothing if you die to secure it. Health regen and max health are always important on melee characters who can’t possibly avoid taking some damage, and in Phoebe’s case her biggest weakness is her slow speed. I sometimes run movement speed and sprint speed gear on her, or health regen and one of those two, so she can keep up a chase and make a hasty retreat while the regen keeps me from having to run back to supply stations or teleport to base every time I’e been scratched.

Two completely different characters, but one I gear toward strengths while the other I gear toward weaknesses. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Except for health stacking Orendi, don’t do that.


So, I have a couple character specific load outs. For my mains, it’s about 90% buffing the strengths and build synergy with a particular skill. For example, my Orendi build adds 0 cost max shield, skill damage + skill damage on shield damage and a shard generator. I don’t really need the skill damage until I am around level 5 so the shards help me level up with buildables and her level 3 choice that instantly recharges her shield when nullify is used. My Deande build always adds max shield so I can get an extra bonus from calculated risk. When creating a more generalized loadout, the are either 0 cost or always have a 0 cost shard generator.

Finally, I have been on record saying that legendary gear is not only broken but also costs too much for their benefit. I feel the best gear types in this order are shard generator, health regen, wrench, and attack speed. I have found that my best load outs are 3 0 cost items or 2 0 cost and a blue.

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Soon with Picks/Bans coming there (might) be a new type of Gear Loadout: Team/Enemy Synergy Loadout! A Loadout that is chosen when you’re in a specific team or against a specific team. The easiest form of this would be having a Loadout with Faction-Specific Legendaries. The more elaborate ones would come from Pre-mades that have been playing together for a while where all their gear will compliment the entire team as a whole (through use of certain legendary gear on certain characters).

I personally use gear that both enhances my character’s natural strengths AND increases survival regardless of how Tanky/Squishy the character I’m playing is. Then I have a loadout that focuses on helping the team by Building stuff.

I’ll probably branch out more once I can have 30+ Loadouts.

Couldn’t agree more, although attack speed depends on the character. Generators, wrenches and health regen are on most of my loadouts.

When I can’t have a 0 cost because of a bad negative, I have 420 cost whites most of the time. Other than that, shard efficiency will always trump an expensive loadout, the more your gear costs the less you can build and building is vital both for leveling and area denial.

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I use whatever gear I put into my loadouts when I last opened up the Gear page. Which was a while ago.
So glad for that UI change.

I’ve never used health on her. Ever. My max deaths are usually 2 to 1 and always my fault so I don’t feel the need

This is my favorite build on her and how I got ny first WoS


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I kind of use a different load out than most for Tobi. I run two epics that have Movespeed+Crit damage, and a third Epic that has Sprint speed + Crit damage. This makes it so I can be really aggressive with Tobi because I like to Midline as him. I can go in lay down some damage and Boost/outrun any melee character that thinks I’m an easy kill. I normally try to stay away from legendary gear because of cost, exception being orendi Voxis core is too good to not use on her.


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