Gear/ weapons (most are anointed)

Venomous hornet (anointed)
Hazardous kill o wisp (ainointed)
Firesale long musket ++ (anointed)
Casual flakker (anointed)
And more…

I like to have a good artifact with the 1hp modifier for my mose build.

Grave artifact only has its specific rolos cant get a deathless version.

Oh, well thats a bummer. I thought they existed. But nice to know

On a side note do you have any elemental projector deathless or annoited piss grenades?

The piss grenade yes, but with terror effect

Im looking for piss grenade increase dmg and fire rate terror effect

I have the health regen one

■■■■ thats not bad tho ill probs trade you for it

Do you have chupa organ with apply terror anoint?

Nope srry

Hey I am interested in your “it’s piss” grenade with health regen. What do you want for it?

Already gone my man