Gear with + / - Attribute on character without the attribute?

I read somewhere, for instance, gear that reduces a shield won’t work on Eldrid since they don’t have a shield at all.

Just found a shield recharger with negative reload, but what happens if I use it on a character that doesn’t use that attribute?

It’s very confusing how + or - work when you don’t use that attribute.

If you have an effect that says " +10.00% attack damage while shields are depleted" then those effect will not work on someone like Miko because he does not naturally have shields.

To make it work on Miko, you have to give him another gear pierce that gives him shields, then he can trigger effects like that.

If you use that on a character without a shield without also using a piece of gear that adds to shield capacity, all it will do is hurt your reload speed. If you use it on a character that doesn’t reload, it’ll do nothing at all.

Now, if you use that same piece on a character that has a shield, but doesn’t reload, it’ll just give you the benefit. Negative stats on characters that don’t use a stat are awesome, because all they do is drop the activation cost. It’s fairly awesome.

However a gear with positive “X” value and negative unused value (shield modifiers on eldrid, reload on melee) do work just fine.

I still feel confused, including because there is not just ‘Shield’. There are things like ‘Recharge’, Maximum (which is an absolute value), ‘Recharge Delay’.

I’ve provided some examples…

For Miko: Will I be able to use the Positive attributes (Health Regen), even though he doesn’t have a shield to recharge? Please assume I’ve not equipped a shield through other gear.

For Orendi: Can I equip this to gain the Shield Recharge and Skill damage attributes, even though she doesn’t have anything to reload?

Hopefully that’s more clear since the info above isn’t broken down enough to really help me understand how those play together - assuming I’m talking about just a single item at a time.

If a character does not have a shield, they have 0 shield, 0 shield recharge, and 0 shield recharge delay. Any % of 0 is 0, so such gear has no effect on said characters. Same thing with reload speed, recoil, etc. Each effect is calculated separately as far as I know though, so you can still benefit from the positive effects and the reduced cost with no downside.

Each stat in a given item is fairly self-contained; they apply to the character independently of the others. That includes the penalties: they don’t care if you are actually capable of reloading/have shields. They apply anyway. But if you can’t reload/have no shield, then THE PENALTIES don’t affect you in any way whatsoever beacuse, as said above, the stat is technically a zero.

The bonuses will apply on their own. Your miko will have that regeneration without being adversely affected by the shield recharge penalty. Same with Orendi and the reloading speed.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to understand. I heard gear is (entirely) not useful if you lack any of the attributes it has an impact on. But if I can use things that provide positive impact even if I don’t have a character that uses an attribute impacted by the negative, then that’s fine.

Yes both of those items would help because they will only increase your stats on miko and oridi but at a lower cost due to the decreased stat but that doesn’t effect them since they don’t possess that stat