Gear with -% cooldown time after getting a critical hit... how exactly does it work? Does the effect stack with every crit?

So I have some gear that for example has “-5.98% Cooldown Time for 5 seconds after landing a Critical Hit”. Now, if I get a bunch of critical hits back to back to back to back (i.e. playing as Oscar Mike and unloading on an enemies head) does the effect stack so that with every critical hit my cooldowns lower by 5 seconds or can it only work once every 5 seconds or what?

If it stacks that’d be amazingly powerful for a character that lands critical hits often. You can just unload on an enemies head area and reduce your cooldowns SUPER fast.

Anyone know what the deal is? I’ve tried it out and I’m getting sporadic results… it’s kind of weird.

Based on the description of the ability, I would say the 5.98% does not stack. The cool-down should not increase but the buff should last 5 seconds.

I haven’t really tested but my understanding was that in the 5 seconds window after getting a critical hit, using any abilities would trigger a cooldown reduced by 5.98%.
I guess you’re out of luck when you crit with an ability though, this one ability won’t get the reduction :stuck_out_tongue:

This was my thinking. Every time you get a crit your cooldowns are reduced by 5.98% faster than normal. I would assume each crit within that time frame would renew the timer and not stack. Otherwise you could stack a bunch of -cd time and only a couple seconds on your abilities for a character like oscar mike who can get repeated crits rather easily and just start spamming grenades.

Yesssssssss!!! This is EXACTLY what I want! However, it would be wayyyyy too OP to be allowed lol. Like mega ultra over powered. I want it anyways though… OM spamming grenades ever few seconds would be absolutely insane beyond reason.