Gear with stacks

Okay So I have a question: I am currently using Vow of Vengeance and it is this beauty right hurr. Now, the whole stacking part, does it have to be continuous? Do I lose the additional 9.8 attack damage after a certain time or is it permanent until I die. Pleeeease help. image

Same with this gear: After hitting 5 criticals, is the attack speed permanent? Do I have to hit pure criticals? Really confused as how this gear works.

You lose them upon death, I think, because I have a stock that stacks for each shot fired… And that is a beuty…

Mhh, as far as I experienced it with my Phoebe + Vow of Vengeance, you lose the stacks if you die. But its hard to tell in the heat of the battlefield^^

Wording clarification please… Or give us an in game rule book with an item keyword index…

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Wow, really? Thats really good lol Do you know if the same applies with the bottom gear?