Gearbox answers 9 fan questions, including Item Duping and TFTB characters

I kind of found the question about the lvl cap to be a bit too vague and poorly contextualized, and thus gave us a vague answer to the question that hinted about things that they have already explained to us before but doesn’t want to elaborate on because of risk of spoilers.

What I think should have been asked about is if the level cap would increase beyond the base level 50 cap as the game went forward, much like any borderlands game have done before it. Or will there be an alternate way to increase the amount of skill-points you can invest with to further improve your character as the game continues to evolves with its future content (thinking akin to Moxxi’s Underdome DLC in Borderlands 1).

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Ok, so I found this screenshot somebody took at one of the gaming events:

That makes it seem like Guardian Ranks are unlocked in Normal Mode as soon as you finish the last story mission. So I doubt that he was referring to missing out on Guardian Ranks when he said there were perks to leveling to 50 on TVHM instead of leveling to 50 using the repeatable normal mode Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter.

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So you reckon, we could gain more than just 48 skillpoints at launch ? I would be SCREAMING if this is true. I need more, ever more and then even more.

I am okay if there is no duping… in the loot instancing mode.

In instancing mode everyone gets the “boss” weapons but in classic loot mode there will be only one boss weapon drop. In classic mode only one person can have said weapon and that would be terrible for a party after the develops made weapons we can use that the bosses used in the fight.

Only way around one time drops in standard loot mode is by duping or having to run same boss multiple times on different play throughs… or not caring about collecting/playing with the special weapons.

I really like instanced loot and I am trying to convince my friends to run that mode cause it makes more sense to play that way… more weapons and more trading. I am pretty open when I see a loot chest and I am sure I will give a shout out when I find a weapon and ask if anyone wants it before I sell it to Marcus or what not. Maybe once my friends and I beat the story and are level 50 with he weapon loadout we want, we can run classic loot mode in the proving grounds.

I know duping isn’t smiled upon but when there are special weapons that only drop once, it’s better to have a party with 4 of that weapon than one weapon in a party of 4.

edit: totally forgot farming was a thing haha. but in old games bosses had drop rates and from gameplay videos bosses always dropped their weapon first time… never saw someone farm Mouthpiece but seems like a process to help everyone get the one gun in classic mode.

Something I think I caught a glimpse of in a vid is that it appeared there was a button to reset quests in the menus. If that Is there, maybe it only works in TVHM or higher to allow people to farm quest rewards?

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@Tokesy97 I am different in that regard. :slight_smile: I want to have everything or as much as possible. But I definately understand, many people want choices and diversity and being able to have everything is a dissatisfaction for them.

I think I saw that option somewhere, but not sure if that was to reset whole story or if just wipes all the missions but you can still run around all the planets on that play through level.
But definitely a good feature to have when there are missions that have one time drops.

Not even sure if farming bosses would yield same results as well… guess we wait till release to play around and see what happens

If i recall they mentioned that the Guardian EXP bar is above the Level bar (becoming accessible once you reach max lvl), meaning that stuff is dedicated for improving your character once you reached endgame, i think that the locked til end of story may mean that in order for any of your newly created characters to benefit from any of the bonuses you have already gained from an existing endgame character, you will only have to complete the story rather then both beating the story and reaching max level again to benefit from them.

Which in theory would be very understandable, especially since we don’t even know what the level requirements would even be to complete the final story mission, who knows, given the massive world we get to explore that’s packed with quests and dynamically generated quest encounters that it could be very safe to assume that you will most certainly reach max level before you manage to complete the story (unless you try to speed run the story).

I’m not sure about this but i think i read somewhere that GB doesn’t intend to bring new vaulthunters via DLC this time around and rather expand on the existing 4. Let me check.

found it

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Well, this is pretty confusing for them to say you can get to 50 without going through TVHM. In B2 if your VH is 3 or 4 levels over the enemy, you get virtually no XP. So we’d have to assume that XP will keep relative to your level. So if your doing Proving grounds and your level 36, the XP for doing it will be on level. Otherwise you’d never get to 50.

Having looked through the website text, nothing states ‘after completing TVHM’. It states ‘after completing your first campaign’ to unlock Guardian Ranks, Proving Grounds and Mayhem Mode.

So in theory you can play through TVHM in Mayhem level 1 making it even harder. Would be nice for a community manager to get involved here, as none of this is 100% clear.

Seems odd that Mayhem Mode would be available after Normal mode completion. Wonder if @MentalMars would know, he’s talked to them plenty.

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I don’t think he’d give an answer that is only technically true like that. It sounds like circles of slaughter and proving grounds simply scale to our level even in NVHM (which I love).

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter that unlock when you complete your normal mode campaign scale to your level; the enemy levels, loot drops, and the repeatable quest completion rewards all scale afaik, so you can use those to level to 50 relatively quickly without ever touching TVHM. If that is true, that honestly might be something I do since TVHM was pretty hard for me in past games, grind my way to level 50 in Proving Grounds and Circles of Slaughter, then once I’m level 50 and decked out in level 50 legendaries and purples that I got from the Proving Grounds and Circles, hit TVHM and beat it while overleveled and overgeared for most of it, getting level 50 versions of any unique quest reward loot that is useful. And if I can start on Guardian Rank XP as soon as I finish the normal mode campaign, that will be even better for me.

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A question that’s still up in the air is if TVHM missions will scale to the player (like UVHM did) or not. You might end up with a load of too trivial missions if you start tvhm at level 50.

If it was me I’d make it so that you could overlevel yourself if you want, until the final story mission is beaten, whereupon the game scales to you.

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It scales iirc.

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They did not ask the important questions like level scaling? Will there be a playthrough like 2.5? Or can it be reset. And so on ans so forth

Did I get this right? We can repeat/reset Quests?

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From what I have understood from it is that Mayhem Mode works like OP levels per playthrough adding risk rewards.
If you want to play Mayhem Mode in TVHM you first need to complete the main campaign again during your second playthrough.

You can enjoy end-game content in normal mode and still reach LVL50.

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That sounds like it will open up more end-game activity to a much broader pool of players than the previous systems in BL1/2/PS did. Hopefully that will appeal a lot more to those who found UVHM and OP levels too much, and keep them engaged with the game for longer.


Too many variations to question.

For example: You play through Normal mode with the Easy option. Finish the campaign and unlock Proving Grounds and Mayhem Mode. Does that mean someone could carry on within the Easy option, in Mayhem 1 in the Proving Grounds??

There surely has to be some constraints. Why would Mayhem Mode be available to someone who wants the Easy option. Why wouldn’t Mayhem Mode be available only when completing TVHM which makes sense to me as it’s pushing the game into harder realms.

Guess I’ll find out once I’ve gone through my first campaign.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if bonus “%” for playing in mayhem mode but on easy difficulty would be smaller than on Normal.

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