Gearbox are the best devs ever (Patch appreciation)

As we all cried about balancing, scaling and loot drops…Gearbox heard our cries. We all were worried because Gearbox haven’t spoke on the issues but just as most of us know… they are always listening and making sure the consumers have a voice on the games development.

This is basically a thanks from your community. The upcoming patch notes look awesome and seem to hit all the issues and bugs we complained about. Let’s see how many likes this can get to show our appreciation, they deserve it working hard and endlessly during a pandemic to please our needs. Feel free to speak some positive feedback to Gearbox, they’ve been bashed non stop for the past 2 weeks.


Lol, nope. Most of upcoming changes should be in game Day1. The same with many updates in last 9 months.
Also game is buggy as hell and missing QoL features that community asked for for last 7 years.


While I applaud them for communicating (finally), I have zero interest to go back to the game if I cant turn off the modifiers and still enjoy the tougher enemies. The modifiers make the game a chore to play for me, and the visual clutter is too much


I mean best devs ever is pushing it alot. It is a good start even tho alot of these things should’ve been done earlier we just have to wait and see how well its executed before running to our rooftops singing songs of praise. Best keep your expectations low and not get to hyped.


This attitude sucks, and affects legitimate criticism by giving the impression that nomatter what Gearbox do, their work isn’t appreciated or even wanted.


At least they are communicating.
I do still feel they should not release new content until at least the first patch has been out for a while.
The Cartel event, and even DLC2, both great in their own rights, were seriously tarnished with their proximity to the MH 2.0 release and problems caused by it.
The new raid could potentially be mixed in with yet another poorly implemented patch, and being ruined because of it.
I would like to see patches, then content, rather than a mess similar to what has been happening the last month or so…


I gotta agree, maybe not to that extent, but I’m happy they are listening and working to change the game for the better.
Also lets be real, since Covid has caused many of us to quarantine and many companies have closed shop, they’ve released the Cartel event, Mayhem 2.0 and the upcoming Guardian takedown ALL FREE. We have to consider the flaws are much harder to address when the company has to work through video chats from home.
Thanks GearBox for listening and still giving us content in these sh*t times!


they are doing what they should do :wink:

not going to praise them though hahaha…

the problems imho shouldn’t be this bad to start with (kinks and bumps are to be expected… but mayhem 2.0 was pretty much a disaster with problems that shouldn’t be there)

glad they are fixing it non the less… wouldn’t come back if they left the game in this state (doubted that would happen but at this day andn age everything is possible)

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At it’s core, BL3 still plays better than any previous game. While I agree that there are a lot of issues that need to be dealt with, I do not think that any recently released content was tarnished. Mayhem 2.0 has been a joy, for me, to play since it released and has given me more difficult challenges to overcome.

The things I see that need to be addressed, and that GBX is doing so with these two patches, is making more gear viable, Mayhem levels on gear cards, quest rewards and vendor/chest gear being scaled properly. IB, pets, melee…certain action skill elements all need to be brought up to par.

But, again, at it’s core, the game is still very playable. I am on PC and solo 99% of the time, so I do not see the co-op issues as much as others who do. I do acknowledge that those issues exist and are of great concern. My experience with BL3, so far, has been highly enjoyable. So much so, that it has inspired me to go back to BL2 and replay it as I have come to realize my lack of a good build with any character was limiting me from enjoying that game even more.


Im glad they are addressing the isues with M2.0, but Im disappointed that they are going with the more work option that runs counter to what they want Mayhem to be(fixing only half the issues gun scaling introduced, with the other half not being fixed are inherent to gun scaling itself) rather than the less work option that returns Mayhem to 1.0’s “pick your own difficulty” that they want Mayhem to be(removing gun scaling).

You had my heart strings until this …

I loved BL2 but I’m NEVER going back! It’s BL3 and its progeny ONLY for me! Unless they ruin M10 and turn it into ezmode then I’ll just wait it out until BL4. :wink:


Oh, don’t worry… BL3 is my priority. It’s just made me realize I was looking at things the wrong way in BL2. I’ve tried, multiple times, to go back to BL1, just for s&g’s… but I can’t do it for long. And then, in the back of my mind, BL3 taunts me to come back. Which I always do.


No game no matter what you buy will please 100% of their consumers. I made this post because out of all games I played I never saw devs like Gearbox. They actually listen and make the game the way we want.

60% of games now a days have pay to win microtransactions and hundreds of dlcs to milk their clients. No game will be perfect to everyone but Gearbox atleast try’s to make us happy. Like I said most games ignore forums and shove microtransactions down your throat.


I wait with the celebrations until I actually see the results of what they’re trying to do.


They are trying, and that at least should be applauded and appreciated - some devs don’t even try. It’s pretty clear they know there are issues and are going to make changes based on community feedback. You can’t ask much more from triple a publishers.


Other than BL3, my 2nd most played game is team fortress 2. That’s my main PVP source. And as im sure most of you heard or, hell, know by playing yourselves, this game has as little dev attention as a badass Hag in a ginecology clinic.

Being used to play in an abandoned game, this experience is filling me with hope for the future of BL3 and beyond. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

(Iron Bear says thank you, too.)

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It’s probably wise to wait and see if they can hold what they’re promising here.


Glad they fix it, but until I run the game and everything works as promised no applause from me. The last patches usually made my game unstable and prone to crashes and introduced new issues, so lets see how this one works out.


I think they’ve been mostly doing alright, but I couldn’t call them the best devs ever. Decent, and perhaps struggling under pressure, but not “the best ever.”


the enjoyment im getting are going downward

load time , drop rate , add crappy annoint to loot pool , console lag ,dropping a level cap after a loot event , trash moze skill tree before patch (theres still quite a bit of trash skill across all character ) , limited time event.
not the borderlands i was expected .

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