Gearbox: are there plans to patch the Enhanced version on PC?

We’re finding alot of glitches/bugs on PC, just wondering if there’s a budget to update it?

Check the steam forums for them.

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I mean hell, there’s screen tearing in Firestone and other areas in the PS4 version. And it seems to have connection issues too. Overall it seems to have a lot of things fixed, and The Handsome Collection has some of them fixed too as of the newest patch. But the screen tearing In GOTY Enhanced is a bit of a “okay, when you gonna patch it?”

The Anisotropic Filtering reverting to trilinear on PC everytime I start the game is annoying. Having to then go to the options and reset it to x16 everytime so the ground dosn’t look blurry 10 feet in front of me is a great big PITA :expressionless:

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Ear splitting claptrap dialouge in sanders gorge when you move far enough away for it go to to your echo, maybe other robolution loudspeakers. Also, Really wish my game would remember which playthrough I was on, not just default to 2 every time.

Please report your issues in the tech support section., or submit a support ticket here:

It worth noting that typically, Gearbox don’t release info about technical issues until they are absolutely sure that they have identified the cause and that the fix actually works. This always takes longer than anyone, including gearbox, wants.

How does this help us update the game? I’ve submitted two tickets, not looking for a fix, but I’m trying to report REAL, legit issues that need a patch, not a setting my console port doesn’t have. Not mad in the slightest, great port. This has been addressed before in other Borderlands and BL2 ports. I’d think it could be patched.

As PH mentioned, Gearbox don’t say anything publicly about an update until it is fully ready to ship. They also tend to try and keep the updates in sync, so issues affecting all platforms will be patched at the same time. There are several reasons for this; the short of it is, though, that we (the players) have to be a bit patient.