Gearbox are you reading this?

So…I’m sure just about everyone on here has had an idea for a game they’d like to see done…but I’ll just throw this out there. What I want is to go way, way back and really dive into the whole pandora/ Dahl/ bandit backstory. Back to when pandora woke up from its winter cycle and the beasts came out and Dahl abandoned the operation. It’s been touched on here and there, but man…think about where you could go with this. You could play as say…either a scientist, a worker…a higher up…and even a prisoner destined to become one of pandoras famous axe swinging bandits. It would really go into the whole lord of the flies tribal bandit mythology…that just sounds rich to me. It would be a startling combo of a freshly abandoned madhouse…not yet weathered and ruined as we see in BL1, shiny and new and splattered with fresh blood…ah well…one can dream. Input anyone?


Dibs on playing as Krom. His voice would be amazing during combat. It would be like playing as The Yankee Marshal as he was fighting a gay lover.

Destroy them! Destroy them, leave nothing left! Ain’t nothin! Nothin!

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THAT’S what I’m talking about!! ( oh wait…have you actually heard kroms voice? Haha.) Whew. My favorite thing is when you destroy the turret but he’s still there in his sitting position, as they neglected to rag doll him properly. He even flies down into the canyon sometimes

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I’d love to see this story fleshed out. Borderlands 2-style combat could be presented in almost any point in the storyline and I would like it, but I’d even take this chapter like Tales from the Borderlands: someone else plays through the entire campaign, uploads it to Youtube, and I watch it later.