Gearbox as a Publishing/Developing Company

I would like to discuss what people think about Gearbox potentially becoming a Publishing Company.

What could this mean for franchises such as Borderlands and Battleborn? (Only 2 I’m familiar with).

What freedoms or constraints does becoming a Publisher give Gearbox with their own franchises?

Would it benefit Gearbox to release highly anticipated games like BL3 as a Publisher/Developer? Would it even be wise to release a BB2 and/or BBExpansion after they’ve taken the reigns from 2K?

This is just random musing due to me hearing/reading rumors that GBX is considering becoming a Publisher. I was just wondering what they would mean for Borderlands Series and Battleborn Series.

I’m not sure, but I think 2K would still own most of the rights to Battleborn and Borderlands. This would definitely be cool, though - means they wouldn’t have the same issues they had with Battleborn’s release because they could run their own advertising etc.

Unfortunately, I think 2K holds the rights to both Borderlands and Battleborn. A lot of publishers refuse to publish games now unless they own the rights to the franchise.

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Is this so? That’s what I was thinking, but wasn’t really sure if the Developers had the rights/ownership of their franchise or not.

This means that even if GBX became a Publisher, IF they want to make another BB or BL game, 2K has to dip their grubby little hands in the whole thing? That doesn’t sound very reassuring.

While it’s all well and good, for gearbox, but even if they have a contract for no other company in 2ks subsidiary to make another borderlands that means the title would be dead, and I know some of you “liked” Duke nukem, and such, but Borderlands RIP, would be true tragedy, as opposed to say getting more Nukem, Battleborn, and the like, so if it means Gearbox gaining publishing freedom and Borderlands coffin being nailed shut, nope, not agreeing with it not in the slightest.

Homeworld & Duke Nukem Remaster have been “small” learning projects. The rurmored Bulletstorm remaster project could just be another step reaching that goal. It may take some time but GBX could become something like Ubisoft.

To be honest no title gearbox has ever done compares to the borderlands franchise, but biased and I’ve played all these other titles mentioned.