Gearbox Balance Mod discussion Index thread

This thread will serve as an index of past and current discussions around the Homeworld Remastered Balance Mod. This Mod is an official Gearbox Mod intended to rapidly test adjustments without adversely effecting the released SP and MP games. Detailed Explanation:

To join, subscribe to the mod here:

Once subscribed, go to the ‘MODS’ section at the bottom right of the Homeworld Remastered launcher. Highlight the Official Gearbox Balance Mod and click select. Type -mpbeta in the Command Line Arguments and launch.

See this post for illustration:

Balance Related Dev/CM Post

Tech Tree balance discussions

Production balance discussions

Performance balance discussions

Resourcing balance discussions

Misc balance discussions

General Balance Mod Feedback

Resource threads/post
All ships in JSON format {FO, C}
Hid’s bug/issue tracker {FO}
Vaygr Tech Chart {C}

Balance Mod bug submissions

FO - Feedback Open
FC - Feedback Closed/Issue Resolved
DP - Dev Post/Community Manager post
CI - Change Implemented/In Test
CS - Change Scheduled
SS - Screen Shot
VD - Video
P - Poll
C - Maths, Calculations, or Factual Numbers
TS - Thread superseded

I will actively comb the forum and add threads discussing balance items (regardless of my personal opinion). If I miss your thread or you would like a thread added, please reply here with a link to the thread.

Please reply to this thread with only links to balance discussions or feedback to my formatting in general. This thread is not meant to be a general discussion on any one or more balance issues.


This post is reserved for future updates

When the GBX balance mod comes out, anyone can extract them with that npm module in the JSON thread and throw the previous one in with the new in something like and see exactly what was changed. :smile:

I’ve been meaning to make a webapp similar to but for hwrm, but even though it’d just take a few hours I’m just too busy. It’ll be a few weeks if I get around to it.

All you have to do is just make a drop down list from the JSON with Object.keys(weapons) and Object.keys(ships), then selecting those keys and populating some html from there.

Neat. I’ll learn how to do this.

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Pinned like a boss!


Wow, do you guys ever sleep?


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Negative! :wink:


Ah man you guys fooled me! I thought this meant the mod was up and I was all like let me at it

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Any news on this?

Oddly enough yes, in the ‘Should I buy Honeworld’(sic) thread. The devs have spoken about a ton of stuff due to be in future patches and the Balance Mod, but no eta beyond ‘when it’s done’.

I stopped updating this thread a while back because I’ve not seen a new discussion about balance in months. I’ll start maintaining it again after the first balance mod drops which I believe is pretty close.

Any word on the GBOX balance mod?

Use the dev finder, they’ve posted some neat looking stuff the past few weeks, just not necessarily in this thread.

There is really been no new ‘balance discussions’ that haven’t already been beat to death. I don’t plan on updating with discussion links until after the first mod drops and new discussions begin.

You are correct that there have been plenty of dev post that I should update here, and I will still add any links submitted in this thread in the op.

Please feel free to reply with discussions or dev post you think should be in the op, I’ll happily edit.

Edit: I replied to the wrong person. @Xercodo

Nothing yet that I know of.

Also a few others in that thread probably.

Oh yeah, thanks for the heads up on the dev tracker. What I meant was if there was any word on timeline. I want to sink my claws into it. Sorry for the unclear questions!

Released today!

yep, as you can see, I’ve already cleared out all the old content to keep up with new discussions.