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Oh yeah, thanks for the heads up on the dev tracker. What I meant was if there was any word on timeline. I want to sink my claws into it. Sorry for the unclear questions!

Released today!

yep, as you can see, I’ve already cleared out all the old content to keep up with new discussions.

I’m hoping this isn’t a silly question, but can someone point me to the changes list the Beta currently does?

Ah found it: Official Homeworld Balance Mod

Having a graphics issue. When I start a game, my Mothership and Carrier are partially transparent. I can see into the docking bays from almost all angles. I’ve tried fidgeting with my graphics before I start matches, but nothing works. Known issue?

Turn off graphics card overlays… After burner, etc

Just noticed that the BC does not always pivot both guns towards designated target. Bc’s movement may need some looking at, if possible.

I was targeting some Ions underneath me and it would just move down towards target with out trying to re-position itself so that the top ion cannon was also facing the target. Why would a BC not be able to maneuver like this in a space battle? It seems silly that a BC couldn’t maneuver more effectively.

Also, maybe it’s me, but the lasers seem pretty OP, in general.

Is it possible to make it so that when you put units in aggressive and bandbox attack units and move them, eg. destroyers on frigs, that they don’t stop in their tracks after killing one target, but instead keep moving to assigned position?

Not sure if they do this only in aggressive mode only…


Seems a bit silly to me, but ok. :blush:

Gearbox mod developers,

30 or so minutes ago played Demons Den game. Wolf (Hiigaran)+yours truly(Hiigaran) vs Alpha (hw1) and KC Master (hw1). No gravwells were involved.

First stage of the game was clash of swarms. On my end 4 hiig emp scouts+full interceptors (upgraded)+full upgraded (lvl1) pulsars+partial involvement of mothership, shipyard and carrier defense turrets. Wolf had full fleet of upgraded interceptors. Alpha (confirmed with Alpha over TS). interceptors +minor defender presence+multi gun corvettes+scouts+bombers+salvage. KC brought hw1 interceptors+few light corvettes.

Result of that battle was annihilation of combined hw2 hiigaran swarm (everything pulsars+fighters) extremely fast, now I haven’t timed how fast they were killed but id say 30 seconds for fighter units and 1 minute for combined hiigaran swarm in it entirety! I’ve also been told by Alpha that developers decided to give gravwell ability to cancel effects of tower control unit. If that is the case than I’d have to state that strategically hw1 swarm is substantially overpowered against hiigaran counterparts. (or hiig swarm fighters/corvettes is underpowered vs hw1 counterparts)

Also It is my personal opinion that hw1 gravwell have no business canceling effects of hw2 tower control units. I believe it is bad idea. Btw it is my first post on the forums. I did not expected to win, however i was completely shocked at how fast hw2 swarm gotten killed.

Mod developers could you please look into it at your convenience.

Appreciate your time and efforts. Ghostrider.

Hey thanks for posting. I’ve heard nothing about wells canceling FTCs. Maybe alpha was hitting the clumsy juice when I told him my idea (that got squashed) about turning the DFG into an AOE armor buff and Drone into an AOE damage buff like an FTC?

Was anyone recording the game by chance? Not that I done believe you, I would just love to pick that battle apart to see what could be improved where.

What was remaining if the HW1 swarm? Depending on the matchup, specifically numbers of multi vettes and defenders (defenders are capped at 20 now) plus the number of light vettes, it sounds like it was the vettes that were the decider there. You said a few light vettes though.

By the numbers the inties and inties should’ve washed, the multis and pulsars should wash, and on the other side the inties vs inties and lights would go down. That leaves the emp scouts, and the defenders. How effective were your emp scouts? Did you get a good lock early on?

The prod guns should’ve done some damage also. Where the HW1 guys reinforcing through this?

Sounds to me like the defenders and multi gun corvs did it in. They were the odd balls to the cepter party.


nothing left off hiigaran combined swarm. TOtal loss at id say 1 minute tops. (if not faster). On KCs side KC please correct me if im wrong here 4-5 lights with what it looked like partial to full complement of fighters. Battle commenced in the center and not surrounding Demons Den clouds as HW1 fellas took center so we’ve had 100% visibility. Unfortunately no recording. I would understand if Alpha had full lights, that would explain sudden loss of a swarm on our side however he confirmed on TS that he used multi gun which should match up to pulsars. Now I would totally understand if let say they’ve had 20-30% of their fleet left and we’ve lost it all. However visually they’ve had 60-80% (if not more of their fleet remaining) while hiigarans lost everything (interceptors and corvettes) in a minute. As many of you know i dont post often as spend overwhelming majority of my time playing the game heh. However thought that game deserved a post as after that battle I was frozen in disbelief of what just happened. emp scouts are tricky things to use (usually i dont use them and have very little experience in microing them tho have general idea as to how they work) and unfortunately had only minor effect may be 7-8 hw1 individual units emped based on my visual perception which should be fairly accurate as once again 95% or so of swarm battle happened in close proximity to center ru patch in demons den so no cloud battles.

Thank you. Ghost.

Hmm they should not? As multiguns are not lights and pulse on hiig side should match up to multis, right? Not a rhetoric question i do not know as have very very little experience with hw1. I would expect for hw1 swarm to slowly overwhelm hiig, by slowly i meant at least giving hiig ability to micro things up to get some units saved through repair. Multis in my limited opinion should not have substantial affect on swarm as they are not lights. I may be completely off the mark here but it looks like if you’re correct about multis than multis are like assault frigs vs lasers (total loss for lasers) in pre patch. SOmething modders may wanna take a peak at.

Thank you guys.

Pulsars and Multi-guns are supposed to come out above even. But I tested, and multi-guns are creaming pulsars =P. Hopefully we’ll get that issue fixed for the next update.

Ya this isn’t the case at all. Sounds like a miscommunication between Alpha and an old idea that ratamaq had.

All HW1 vettes are good vs fighters. Multis are best vs vettes, heavies vs frigates. Lights this of more like heavy fighters.

Pulsars will wash vs multis and destroy every other vette without blinking.

Reality is you faced the perfect mix of the best things HW1 has to kill fighters and vettes below frigates. And you did it short platforms which is one of the best Hig anti swarm units.

Idealy (and I will test this specifically) unit capped multis inties vs unit capped pulsars inties should probably wash. But I bet the problem is that multis are also deadly to fighters, and pulsars to frigates. Hig is missing a vette that plays the same role as the multi vette.

We’ll look at this. We’re already looking at improving gunships vs vettes due to how well lights perform vs both fighters and vettes. Just have to make sure gunships aren’t too OP because of how early you can get them.

Lights have to be viable vs vettes because of how long it takes to stand up tier three vettes. Best time to field for tier 3s is around 6 minutes putting around 16 up at 10 minutes if you go full production on them and research ships from the start. Realistically you won’t see a threading wing of tier 3 vettes unit solid mid game, and that is if the player shift to vettes instead of frigates.

I tested even ru, unit cap to unit cap has them ahead? I was about to test that and post results if it was the case.