Gearbox Brought Down The Righteous Ban Hammer Like Thunder! =]

One thing I love the most about Battleborn, and about the Gearbox fan base in general, is that they’re all for the most part overwhelmingly cool people. So many of them love to help players out or have interesting and productive conversations. They’re just all around an awesome community, which is unfortunately hard to find in competitive gaming.

I’ve only ever encountered one toxic player in Battleborn, and it was on these forums. I regularly saw him maliciously bad mouthing the game, the developers, and many members of the community. In all the threads I’ve seen him active in, I’m not sure I ever saw him have any legitimately constructive things to say. He was only ever interested in being an instigator and a toxin.

Most recently in a post he made ranting about a feature in the game he didn’t agree with, I saw him poking fun at a user for their disability. This isn’t cool. This is never okay. People like that have no business being in forums. This is a place for people to discuss the game and various things relating to it. These forums are a place for people who love the same game to come together and have a good time and a laugh. It’s even a place for people to have constructive arguments about things they may or may not agree with.

But it is never a place to ridicule or belittle people. It’s not a place to say malicious and hurtful things to people.

You don’t have to like every direction Battleborn or Gearbox goes. As a consumer, it’s your place to disagree in a constructive way. But don’t a an A Hole. That’s just not cool.

I’m happy to say that immediately after he made said uncool remarks, Gearbox brought the Righteous Ban Hammer of Unwavering Justice like a bolt of swift lightning and banned him for what appears to be literally 273 years. I’m glad to see that Gearbox won’t stand for that sort of toxicity within their community, and I hope everyone else stays cool to one another.

Stay cool, friends. And don’t be an A hole. <3


I feel like I know who you’re talking about… how do you know they’re banned though?


I am so, so disappointed with this thread. For one glorious second, I thought this was news that GBX had finally instituted anti-cheat in Battleborn. Nah, talking about the “ban hammer”… in the forums.


I went to their profile and it says in their status that they were suspended until 2290. lmao
I was so stoked when I saw that.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever ran in to someone cheating in the game. But granted I play on XBox so hackers don’t really have much they can do. I could be wrong though.
What kind of cheating have you seen?

You can click on someone’s name or profile picture and you’ll see if they are banned, how long and why.

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On PC, the population is pretty small. There are several known cheaters (who chat about it in-game, maybe not realizing the people they are chatting with are taking screenshots which can then be seen in their steam profile page). With such a small population, especially if you have a high-ish elo… you get matched against them over and over and over.

It doesn’t help that the cheaters tend to play with each orher. Try going against not just “a” cheater… but a cheating pre-made.

It also doesn’t help that BB on PC has no anti-cheat, which is insane for an online MP game.

The best thing about solo/duo q is that it split these groups up, and presumably they turn their cheats pff because they’d be fighting each other. Or they’d keep the cheats on, but then you’d have one on your team instead of always just fighting against a group of them.

It ALSO doesn’t help that many of them have taken new names because they know that most people will just drop once they see these names. Dropping out is the only “anti-cheat” legit PC players have right now.


there is no elo in mm right now, on any platforms. :slight_smile:

Well, then there are just so few players that all… 10? 15? of us get matched constantly. Im on west coast PC btw.


Really? I play on PC regularly and have come across only a single person in the past month that was definitely cheating (an Attikus with ungodly movespeed and attack speed at level 1; it was actually pretty entertaining watching him zip around the map at the speed of sound punching everything since he still fed pretty hard).

I know basically all the premades on PC, and have never seen anything from any of them that would indicate even a single person was cheating. Is it possible that this particular team you speak of just vastly out-skilled you and you attributed that to cheats?


Anything is possible. An anti-cheat would make everyone feel better about it. Tell me, oh vastly skilled one, exactly who is and is not cheating, since you claim to know? I mean, who needs an actual anti-cheat program when one player says cheating isn’t a problem?

I thanked the mod right after they did it XD
@Psychichazard here is that collective sigh of relief hahaha


That Attikus you speak of regurarly groups up with friends of equal… “skill”. They aren’t even subtle about it.

Actually they have. Someone I know got banned so rest assured that GBX will take action if they get enough in game reports of bad behavior. And just so I’m clear, there is no technological solution guaranteed to stop cheating therefore in a community the size of Battleborn the human/reporting solution is probably the most effective option.

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He must be avoiding me then, cause I haven’t seen ELO since those 3-4 games we had against him.

Cheaters are not always winners or good players…

If we could avoid using any names here it would be peachy.


Also: thanks for your appreciation, on behalf of the mod team.

It’s a privilege and an honour to be trusted with looking after this place, which we all take very seriously in order to make the forum as positive an experience as possible, for everyone.


I’ll just leave this… here.


Terrible photoshop skills are terrible.


That is just…beautiful. :grin: