Gearbox, can i play now if my bar didnt transfer, or do i need to wait?

It is a simple question, it has a simple yes or no answer.

Please don’t just delete this post without an answer as well.
It’s extremely disrespectful.

Should we play now if our bar didn’t transfer? Or should we wait?

I played this morning. I couldn’t wait to jump in. I imported some characters for TPS and loaded up a level 32 claptrap to go to the DLC. I figured it’s not the end of the world if I have to reset my bad ass rank.

Jeff just posted this

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Won’t we also lose any progress in the game when we have to reupload characters again? Not all of us have cross-platform sync via PSN.

How long are we supposed to wait on this? These titles were two of the only reasons I still have a previous generation system and I kept my copies of the game just for these transfers and now I have to continue to hang onto them until the game gets patched?

We didn’t do anything wrong as users on our end, your system messed up our BAR in the upload. Come on… I’ve spent four hours uploading saves, downloading saves, patching my 360, downloading co-op compatibility patches et al JUST for these two games for myself and my wife.

This was a launch feature you were promising, a reason I believe everyone who bought it was so willing to buy it in the first place. It should have been more thoroughly tested. This is extremely lame this isn’t working day one, especially since I’ve had this pre-loaded for over two weeks. No one found this at all in that time leading up to yesterday? No one wanted to address it to the public that it may not be available at launch?


Sometimes things are kinda of different when they are in production vs being in development. Maybe there was some unforeseen/unremembered detail.

Yeah, but loyalty fans having a transfer issue that deletes progression rewards, and no loyalty reward on top of that; that’s a pretty big detail. Put on top of that there was no information on this pearl when people were asking about it over and over…I just don’t know what to say.

It’s possible they didn’t know there would be a problem until literally today.

I was posting about it right at launch 13 hours ago. While they were posting about the issue with loyalty rewards. I was ignored and had all of my posts deleted.

Sorry to hear that. Probably a huge bummer if you expected it to be flawless at midnight.

Didn’t expect it to be flawless. Only wanted to know if I could play it or not.

My badass rank and heads and skin didn’t transfer

A fix is being looked into. Dont worry. Keep an eye on this forum for uodates. :slight_smile: