@gearbox can we get the dlc early?

Give us the dlc early! Keep your playerbase safe and healthy at home! If we had a shiny new dlc to play with we wouldn’t have to run around in the real world getting sick. Thanks!

So you want them to release possible unfinished, unpolished, and messy DLC that might come with bugs?

Give them time but in the meantime they’re other things they can do like fix loot better in Mayhem/Mayhem 2.0. I haven’t properly play this game nearly 2 weeks ever since WoNY came out for TD2. I wanna come back but the dedicated drop and annointed pushing me away when I play M3 & M4

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Pretty sure at this point the dlc is done and they’re working on future content.

They are busy with the Steam release this week.

They might do what they did last time and release a patch which contains the DLC next week and use a hotfix for the go live date.