Gearbox can we have the Fibber for April Fools day... please

I decided to make a thread since they seem to be pretty well received by the community and Gearbox… And I really want the Fibber. So instead of doing an emoji bomb 3 days before the holiday I thought this would be a better approach. Oh and you guys could do an extra cool thing if you release the Fibber and say something like… “Sorry for breaking your heart this Valentine’s Day, here’s the Heartbreaker shotgun to make up for it. :blush:

I don’t know if this should be a petition or not, but I’ll sign it anyway.
X: khimerakiller

And I’ll ping the 2 guys that I know are in charge. @Jeffybug @JoeKGBX

(It would also be in time for another day that is special to me :tada:)


I fully agree with this guy ^

The Fibber for April Fools day is a great idea!

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Agreed, this would be a great thing to see happen then it could be hardcoded as a drop at a later date :slightly_smiling:.

Surely asking for anything on April Fools comes with an INCREDIBLE danger, no?


Ok they could just bump it to the day after for my birthday then. :stuck_out_tongue:

“In celebration of khimerakiller’s birthday from the forums, everybody gets a Fibber and a Heartbreaker.”

Sounds good to me so that we can avoid any tricks. :acmaffirmative:


Yeah valentines days was one of those days i was looking for the heartbreaker but GB showed no “love” on that. Makes me wonder if the other special days will be forgotten too. Like St patricks days (looks at GB and crickets)

GB is losing there touch with the fans if you ask me which saddens me.

Signed. Hope it happens.

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I’m in! Sounds like the perfect idea…

Heck…I’m STILL waiting for the Heartbreaker!

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We put out the St. Paddy’s codes, ya know! :wink:


No offense Joe but i and many others were wanted and pretty much expecting something more then just skins. Haven’t you noticed less people commenting about it cause its just “skins”. If a peice of gear was added to it then more poeple would get excited about it and you get more traffic on here then just “meh skins”

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signed. even though i don’t play anymore lul

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If it’s for April 1st, it will say it’s a Fibber on the SHiFT code, but it will actually be a random choice of a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot or a Bunny.


And thanks for that Joe!! Keep the goodies coming!! Most appreciated!!

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The Fibber can be broken on Nisha and Heartbreaker on Athena and I’ve seen on yt a comment about Oz Kit hidden in Holodome DLC but this thing can’t drop.

There’s the problem you trust the YT comment section.

If anything, we’ll get skins. LOL That is about all I see at this point. They missed some key days(holidays) which leads me to believe they’re done releasing anything other than skins.

Wouldn’t it be a great April Fools joke to offer skins as a shift code, but have it actually be the Fibber that is sitting in your shift machine to grab? That is a joke I can appreciate. :smile:

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The sad thing is my skins are glitched out so I’ve already had all these Holiday skins for the most part since last March. So I get nothing new not even skins.

Dude! That sucks.

Weren’t the recent skins repeats from last year anyway? Or am I getting confused between BL2 and TPS?