Gearbox can you give us lasers and laser ammo upgrades to buy from Marcus? Please

I would really like to use lasers again. I really in joyed them in the Pre-sequel. We all could use lasers for new guns to use. Maybe each character could get a skill tree that focuses on lasers or maybe give us a new character that focuses on lasers.

I’d like to know if anyone else would like to use lasers in Borderlands 3? if the answer is yes. Then we need to let gearbox know that we want them back.

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i mean, yea, lasers are cool
but you are a bit too hyped about it xD
there isnt any character, with any skilltree, focused on any kind of weapon
calm down dude xD

also, we already got laser weapons, so i guess, they would have to convert several existing weapons to this weapon type

Many of the alien barrel weapons are lasers.

This post makes me think of sharks with " lasers " attached to their freakin head. Haha. Wierd idea, and dont see a need for it, we got laser guns in the game, just not as a type, and with the large amount of guns that say they are one type, but should def be a dif type, ie: the sickle, the clairvoyance, to give two examples, we can exspect more laser like weapons, just cleverly descised as other weapon typs, if your that hellbent on lasers dr.evil, the laser -sploder is pretty good, and we got a new one in dlc2, The Mutant. Which is quite good.

While I loved lasers in TPS also, there are a lot of laser weapons in Borderlands 3. Pretty much every version of laser from TPS is in Borderlands. A lot of Maliwan weapons are lasers. Most stuff with an alien barrel is a laser. There are 2 legendaries with “laser” in the name. Basically, they are in the game just not as a specific weapon type.

Lasers are for ■■■■■■■. Kinetics are for real men… I want to see the high velocity lead punching through bone and gristle :slight_smile:

Impossible sadly. Marcus didn’t got over that straw incident.

Don’t ask, value your life.

We already have things like the Vibra-Pulse (straight from TPS) and Laser Sploder (really good for crowd control), as well as alien-barelled Burzums etc. They may not have a separate ammo pool, but they are there

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