Gearbox, can you sell Epic users 'steam BL3 deluxe' for $30?

I bought BL3 on Epicgames. I thought I could play BL3 with my steam friends, but cross-play isn’t working properly. I don’t believe it would work in the future, and you know you can’t fix cross-play now. You had plenty of time to fix it. I have some friends on steam, but I can’t recommend BL3 because cross-play doesn’t work properly. I’m considering buying BL3 on steam, but spending another $100 doesn’t sound normal. I’m happy with the game itself, so I think I could buy BL3 deluxe(game+season pass) for $30 and think of it as a donation to a great game.

If you’re that desperate to get it for $30 (or less) just wait for a sale. There are certain email lists you can join that notify you of deals for games on Steam. Heck, I think it was ALREADY on sale, but I’m not sure if it was as low as $30.

At any rate, you already have and can play the game on the Epic Games Launcher, so you can wait for a good price on Steam. Keep our eyes and ears open. Games go on sale all the time on Steam! :wink: :+1:

Well that was actually a restrained rant about not getting proper cross-play service. Gearbox has been leading us to believe that there will be cross-play between platforms, but it isn’t working out. I don’t think I’d buy Steam BL3 on sale. It’s more about delivering adequate service as they promised, and I believe many of us feel the same.

Just out of curiosity and because i personally dont use crossplay but would like to know anyway…

Crossplay is currently possible because of SHIFT. If both of you are playing with SHIFT accounts it should work properly.

Is that what youre doing? What exactly isnt working? You cant connect? You dont find them?

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