Gearbox - Care to make a source code level change to fix an issue with missiles and mines?

So currently modders are going about replacing the RNG hit detection system with a true physics system by turning the bullets into missiles that have a single velocity and instant acceleration. The workshop mod BulletMod is the one that is pioneering its development in HWR, although it predates HWR and was used in several HW2 mods.

Anyway, @Koopak has run into a problem in developing BulletMod, which is that the missiles are unable to collide with mines or mission 6 asteroids. This issue cannot be modded around; gearbox themselves will have to fix it. The modding community would therefore appreciate it if Gearbox would take the time to allow this behavior in a future patch. @joekgbx @jeffybug @bitvenom

Thanks in advance!


Not a modder, but for what it’s worth, signed.

Signed…as well

Signed, obviously. If GBX fixes these game mechanics shortcomings of HW1R not themselves, they should at least provide the capabilities in the modding API so that the community can do it properly. (Or give the source code under a fitting license and/or under NDA to the community…)

We can’t promise things. But still, noted.


Than you for taking the time to note this @BitVenom

Also thank you @Stuart98 for getting this out there, in the mean time I will continue to endeavor to find a functional work around but ti has not been looking good for that route.

Bump? I’d really like to see this issue fixed.

Right now they are more than quite busy.

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