Gearbox CEO’s 2017 Goals: “Push Quality With In-House Development of Beloved + New Franchises”

I just wanted to point out this article:

In contrast to the Take Two CEO article which still seems to be an active topic. I’m not saying this article is much, but as someone who wants to see this game succeed, it does give me hope.


Thanks for sharing that.

This bit had me thinking:

The long-awaited Brothers-in-Arms sequel perhaps?


Thanks for sharing that article as well. As you said, there’s little in there other than corporate speak. Nobody’s expecting them to pull the plug on Battleborn because they still haven’t delivered all the DLC and it’s less than a year after launch. Nor would they talk down one of their own products. It is good to see that this indicates that BL3 will be developed in-house, but that was also expected given the Pre-Sequel.

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This is a fluff piece. Obviously the CEO of a game developer would pledge to focus on improving their extant titles and growth. The only noteworthy item is that we know they are actively working on a new title for an extant IP.

The biggest worry to me is how long 2K will continue to support Battleborn. As with Evolve, if they decide it’s no longer worth their time to subsidize Gearbox for content additions and balance updates, then they’ll pull the plug and retake the IP, and that will be the end of Gearbox’ development on Battleborn. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but time and again 2K establishes its M.O.

That would depend on the terms of the publisher agreement between 2K and GBX. It’s quite possible (since Battleborn was an original idea within GBX studios) that GBX would retain all rights to the IP. The only question then becomes, would GBX have enough financial resources to maintain the game servers on top of everything else they’re doing? I can quite see why, as a company, they’ve been looking to expand into more of a publishing role. The risks are not insignificant, but the potential rewards (especially in terms of artistic freedom) are enormous.


I would have originally thought this to be the case, but since Evolve was a completely original idea developed by Turtle Rock Studios, without 2K, and they still lost the rights. I assumed that might be the case with Battleborn as well. Then again, I don’t think TRS benefitted from the same capital GBX had when Evolve was outbid by 2K after THQ dissolved:

Hopefully GBX retained the IP rights because 2K is awful when it comes to creative control and heartless when it comes to the community.

So essentially, Take 2/2K paid $11 MILLION for a game that it’s developers only bid $0.25 million for? Well, that explains a lot… It also settles the IP issue: 2K bought the IP outright through the auction, so they can do whatever they like with it. I strongly suspect that GBX retained the IP to Battleborn (I would have). This also might explain why 2K spent so little money actively promoting BB, their claims of marketing prowess notwithstanding.


It does seem like 2K gambled big on Evolve, whereas they likely had a different arrangement with GBX based on their shared history through Borderlands and Duke Nukem. Here’s to hoping 2K does not own the IP so they can’t pull the rug out from under us.


On a semirelated note, I suggest finding a new gaming news site. I’ve been an avid fan of psls for years because of their honesty and good professionalism as a group of journalists. Over the last year they’ve done a complete 180. They have a whole new cast of journalists who work for news sites that psls has publicly bashed for their crappy journalism, they flooded their sites with crazy amounts of ads, and half of their articles have become clickbaits. They used to be my favorite group for gaming news but they sold out to the rest of the hell hole that gamergate was really about. Yay for bad journalism!

On topic,
It’s a fluff piece, I agree with that. I think Battleborn will continue its trend of slowly being forgotten :frowning:

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Sheesh. I’m a supporter of this game to the end, but those tweets are the weirdest combination of banality and melodrama:


It’s a New Year’s tweet though. Aren’t they all?


The only way Battleborn will “get better” or “sell better” or “be perceived better” or 'make reviewers happier" or “get better word of mouth from other gamers” is:

A fresh start…not the constant little changes and tweaks and upgrades that are playing out to an audience that continues to grow smaller. (And I’m not saying that all these changes and tweaks are not awesome…because it seems like they are).

What I’m saying is that it’s wasted effort…like throwing dribs and drabs of reinforcements into a fight that is already lost.

Instead, save them up and get the game totally POLISHED…and re-release the game in November…Batlleborn PRO or Battleborn PLUS or Battleborn Re-Mastered…or hell I don’t care what you call it but make it sexy and “new.”

And AVOID any competition release timing with Overwatch
And use this time to get the re-release totally ready and awesome
And make it free to existing players
And make any ranks and gear from existing players fully transferable
And set up your training DoJos and documents
And advertise the bejesus out of it
And sell reviewers on the fact that BB is NOT just another version of OW…it is DIFFERENT and appeals to a wider audience.
And for heavan’s sake, sell it for less than 20 Bucks…with DLCs.

Then and only then could continued work on the title have a chance of being relevant.

Otherwise…until BL3…make me another BL2 spinoff…or another BL2 DLC that is big and AWESOME…and you would make far more money. And in the end, make your fans far far happier methinks. And shore up a somewhat muddied perception (after BB) from the general public.

Get those positive vibes back whenever you go to a Pax again, or talk to reviewers, or put out tweets…or whatever.

GB has ALWAYS been my favorite gaming company because NOBODY in the industry that I know of sells me products that provide thousands of hours of entertainment at the price they do and NOBODY communicates with fans like they do.

Which is why it just hits me in the gut when I see them bashing their heads against the wall on this game.

Sometimes you have to pull out of a fight…fall back, take care of your wounded, ammo back up, draw new plans, rest, refit, and pick your spot for a counterattack.

You can’t keep trying a “Pickett’s Charge” at the problem.

Time for them to do that with this title methinks. Try a different strategy that will SUCCESSFULY buy the time you need to put out the compay’s bread and butter…a new BL3 that will make a FORTUNE if done well.