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Welcome back to Gearbox Community Badass! We’ve taken a bit of an extended break and many of you have asked if it was ever coming back. Well, here we are, on the eve of the launch of Battleborn and what better way to celebrate than with the recognition of our first Community Badass of the Battleborn era? So, without further ado, I present to you said badass, the one and only, FISTMASTER 5000!

FISTMASTER 5000, aka Scott Graham, is a streamer who’s as dedicated to the games he loves as he is good at what he does. While the steam of Borderlands 2 has naturally decreased over the past several months, in terms of streaming, Scott has continued to make frequent trips to Pandora – and his community loves him for it! When it came time to open early access for Battleborn, we were excited to bring Scott into the fold and let him begin showing the game to his community. Ever since, Scott has been sharing Battleborn w/ his community and helping us build a big head of steam in advance of launch.

How long have you been playing Borderlands?

I started playing Borderlands 2 on midnight release in the UK decided to pick the game up after one of my favourite YouTuber’s was excited for it and said it was going to be amazing…he was so right =) Borderlands 2 was my first experience into the series and something I will always play long into the future.

You’re a great streamer that still plays Borderlands very regularly. What is it about the series that has so much staying power for you?

I built my stream and channel on BL2 as I really like the community and following it has on Twitch. I spent a lot of time watching the game before eventually deciding to stream it and my main focus was to play the game without dying as i had watched the 1LifeToLive community challenge. So the constant challenge to play all characters and get them as far as i could without dying was a awesome way to play the game I love.

Who has been your favorite playable character across all the games?

That is a really tough one as I don’t just main a character in Borderlands but if i had to answer I’m going with Krieg such a fun character and has a giant buzzaxe.


How did you get started streaming?

Started streaming 9th of February 2015 after being a Twitch viewer for a couple of years watching all the guys streaming the game from launch. Just decided the time was right to give it a go and see where things went and what came from it was more than i ever could imagine.

Any tips for the aspiring streamers/content creators out there?

The thing I found with streaming was a really strong schedule so people can rely on you was key to growing a channel.
I streamed everyday at the same time for 390 days in a row for at least 6 hours per day now i’m not saying do that but you need to be committed to be online so your viewers know you are reliable. Try and get as good PC equipment as possible as making good quality content can help you with channel growth. A good internet connection for a streamer is a must honestly as a better upload will give you a reliable stream. Always be yourself and pick a game you can invest a lot of time as you will be spending a lot of time on it. And always have fun =)

So, Battleborn … You’ve be participating in our Early Access Program. What are your thoughts on Battleborn as we countdown the last few days before launch?

So my thoughts on Battleborn thus far have been really good and I’m surprised at how diverse each character has been. None of them feel the same and all have their own unique talents. I really like the fast paced action in PVE the combat feels really smooth and I like the way it flows. I need to spend more time with the PVP but looks like a lot of fun with friends will be getting into that when i stream it at launch.

Who’s your favourite Battleborn?

So far i’m going with Whisky Foxtrot. I like his weapon and skills and think he is a good all around character.

Which game mode have you had the most fun with so far?

Spent most of the time on PVE as that’s what I like the most from a Gearbox game and think the most fun I’ve had is on “The Algorithm” going through the story and getting to fight ISIC is such a fun boss fight so far.

What are you most looking forward to from Battleborn in the near future?

The thing I’m looking forward to on the Battleborn release is starting to build a new community and getting to stream and show people what kind of game they can expect. I think if we can get the kind of community that borderlands has, then Battleborn will be a nice place to be on Twitch, which is why I will be supporting Battleborn all the way going forward.
Also looking forward to the new characters you guys have planned should be a good time for all.

Where can people go to find out more about you and check out your content?

Primarily find me on for daily livestreams
Follow me on twitter @fistmaster5000
Also find me on YouTube fistmaster5000



I love fist, if you guys have not watched him, he is one of my favorite streamers and a really great guy.

Great pick Joe.

Ok now I’m going to go read it

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Congratulations FIST

Also I think it was @Spunky117 that introduced me to fists stream

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The same Spunky that is always healbotting LftStrafe?

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Yup, he is the worst nurse

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Though I really envy you for the BB-launch–badass title… Keep up the great work!

I can hear his happy voice with british accent.

My congratulations Fist!

Who’s next? Shadow?

I healbot everyone on the team XD

But congrats Fist! Bout time!

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I can only hope to get someone like you on my friends list in the next few weeks. I have never been support minded.

Congrats! I was hoping this would start again! :slight_smile:
Enjoy the shiny badge that I can’t be bothered to take off! :stuck_out_tongue: If you have a GBX account that is…

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The same Spunky that heals everyone, actually.


Totally late to the party but congrats Fist! Well deserved mate.


Can confirm, Fistmaster is good peeps! One of my favorite Battleborn streamers!


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