Gearbox Community Badass: jjand302

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Gearbox Community Badass: jjand302

Gearbox Community Badass is a new feature we’re trying out as a way to recognize members of the Gearbox Community for their creative efforts – be they cosplays, artwork, community events, guides, or any other means of letting their Gearbox flag fly! Each week, we’ll spotlight one of our awesome community members and the cool things they’re doing. Anyone is eligible to be a featured community badass, so being a member of the forums isn’t required (although it helps since this is where our badasses will be featured!) Additionally, every featured Badass will receive a “Legendary” forum badge, so it’ll be hard to enjoy your flair without a forum account, right?! Please note that while each week’s Community Badass will be selected by forum staff, nominations are welcome and will be taken into account. If you’d like to nominate someone to be a Gearbox Community Badass, just PM @JoeKGBX with your nomination!

This week’s Gearbox Community Badass features @jjand302! JJ is a great voice in the community. He’s always cool-headed and positive and you can find him on the forums frequently adding some of that positivity to every discussion he’s a part of. Recently, JJ had the idea to create a thread on the forums to help the community keep up with Gearbox developer responses to various questions and issues. He’s a man of few words, but he answered a few questions for us so we could give a little insight into who he is and what he loves about the GBX Community!

*How long have you been playing Gearbox games?*
Does the Halo port to PC count? I'd have to say borderlands 1 was really my first endeavor with a Gearbox creation if not.
*What's your favorite Gearbox Title?*
While Tales from the Borderlands blew my expectations out of the park, Battleborn is by far my favorite.

*What is it about (your favorite Gearbox title) that has you hooked and coming back for more?*
It's the creativity. I love the uniqueness of how the characters play and their personalities. I love the humor that goes into the game. Probably one of my favorite details that I think doesn't get enough attention is the hand drawn graphics of Battleborn.
*What gave you the idea to put together your "[Let's Talk Dev Feedback and Future Content](" thread?*
I felt someone had to do it. At one point I was upset as well because I didn't think Gearbox was being as communicative as they were at the beginning. I decided to look at their activity and was blown away to find that they've been responding to so many people about so many issues. I figured people were like me, and just weren't aware of how active you guys are. You guys have been doing a phenomenal job, and I thought people should know that.
*If you had a real-life Ultimate Ability, what would it be?*
Science! Either that or indecision. Edit: my wife says cookies. I do make some damn good cookies.

*You're one of our more active forums members. What do you like most about the forums?*
The fan creations topic. There's some incredible work there.
*What are you most looking forward to from Gearbox in the future?*
More Battleborn campaign missions!
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Congrats @jjand302 , well deserved you’ve been doing great work

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Congrats! Another great person to add to the list! :wink:

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Nice work boss! Well earned.

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It’s funny because when you created the above mentioned thread I was thinking to myself, “Someone should make this guy a Gearbox Community Badass” and was even thinking of mentioning such in the thread itself. It looks like I didn’t need to because here we are! Welcome to the badass community! :smiley: