Gearbox Community Badass: Klopotinsha

Always thought you made some amazing stuff @Klopotinsha.

Just wished to pop up in this thread and say that.

Keep up the grand work.

Still hoping to see some Krieg or Maya, but I’m a patient man.


Dear ErikH,
Thank you so much for your congratulations!
You can never be even a bit late because TIME DOESN’T EXIST! It’s just a concept of human perception! Every moment actually happen si-mul-ta-neo-us-ly – scientists can prove it!!

For me is a great pleasure to communicate with you! And I’m so happy that you enjoyed this brief vacation on Wam Bam Island, which revealed to us FORCE for some action :slight_smile:

And if it was really, as you said, versatile and instructive;
I would be glad to share with you The Most Final Epilogue 2 BL2
And hope you will enjoy it.

And, you know, Way of the Hunter is almost finished.
So sooner or later it will be processed into collector’s edition :slight_smile:

I am very glad to hear from you, Giuvito!
Thank you for your attention.

Yeah, I just keep on keepin’ on!

be careful with your desires. MWAHAHAHA!

Wait I’m watching her on Deviant from the begining of 2k15.


Yo, wazzup everyone! :grin:

Just telling that in my spare time of my spare time of my spare time I’m unassumingly preparing my art stuff to use it in unique super badass borderlands art and story book, which will came in set with a graphic novel, i’m doing by myself first of all for myself, to proudly put it on the shelf and to show it on the tea parties only to best and closest friends and my little sister… and maybe I’ll make special single copies of these books to send it as a present for Gearbox if they will behave well :upside_down:

So while keep doing this stuff I decided to edit the first post of WotH thread adding table of contents there to make more comfortable to trace the logic of this thread and see it not as sets of random images around one theme, but as a chronicle of awesome parable journey, or even guide if you would like.

And don’t be shy to discuss it in whole or pay attention on any detail :palm_tree:
I can’t read your mind so I’m very interested in any written opinion!
eg about global changes in setting, or stages of Mordecai’s evolution, or what would you do if you suddenly found some specific FLOWERS, or which faction/campaign of PEPLUM event would be most interesting for you? Any emotions, any thoughts! just let me know if something caught your attention.
The Great Tentacles would be glad too! :eye:
Your attention is very much appreciated!
Besides I don’t write in this thread without adding illustrations, so showing interesting behavior you can suddenly unlock exclusive sketches or even some new illustrations.



That archive is brilliant.

Immensely talented.

Holy Hell.


Thank you, @Giuvito
Don’t forget to click all this and gaze and listen and read :slight_smile:

By the way, recently realized how I feel sometimes when I do all this:

Pitchford manor… hmpf!


Yes, you.

Wanna taco?

I show the second teaser of my graphic novel
"Way of the Hunter" Borderlands art series by Klopotinsha

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Well deserved for Karina. Yes indeed it is.

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Just a funny observation.

I, to put it mildly, do not consider myself a big fan of cosplay culture,
but i found my ordinary work clothes and requisite (and especially amount of real dust on all of it) reminding me of bandits from Borderlands.

If an angle grinder cuts stone like butter, just imagine what it can do with things of bones and meat!

By the way, I’ve carved stone sculpture of Mordecai (photo can be found in my main thread) without using any electric tools.


Great line to further my thought. :wink:

My thought being that you @Klopotinsha would be an excellent UPC in the next Borderlands installment.

Let the discussion begin… :blush:

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Yay! The discussion! :slight_smile:

I’d like to know what UPC means. Google said it has something to do with barcodes…
It is interesting to understand your logic.

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I think he meant NPC?

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Unplayable Character…but looks like i was mistaken. VH has it right on the NPC, non-playable Character. lol Sorry, my bad. :blush:

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Phew, I thought it could mean another SCP.
I almost ~ nevermind.

Shall I have my own physical form in this setting?
And how do you imagine that? Do you know what she is?
I can’t just appear as Karina, my mortal girl form from Earth-1218
Kek, says I who write the book.
Right, I’ll be able to enter through my D’ni based portal…
Actually we and I feel quite comfortable traveling with Mordecai,
playing like we’re something invisible behind his shoulder


Yeah, until Gearbox put ~ something from shoddy anime on place of our favorite Otter Eyes, making me perceive release version of BL2 more like scraps of design documents rather than a complete game and play the rest on paper…

Klopotinsha can be interesting NPC in Borderlands, but Klopotinsha’s continuity abides only the MOST BADASS universe. Synchronization requires strict execution of each constant:

:white_check_mark: Helios crashed on Pandora, ponerologycal experiment finished causing no more bad influence on children.

:black_large_square: Primary Protagonist (Mordecai) repaired with returned Otter Eyes (original actor Julio Cedillo)
~gringo seiyuu who voiced “mor-decoy” in BL2 may stay as one of Mordecai’s sidekicks, or any other character not related to Mordecai, idgas.

:black_large_square: Planet Pandora declared herself a reserve for Rakk Hives habitat restoration.

:black_large_square: special effects for people with atrophied perception sealed off in Battlewatch Overborn whatever; Borderlands stylish and cozy again like authentic BORDERLANDS.

Caw Caw Caw Caw!

I can also suggest G-man style appearances of one of Klopotinsha’s Golems.

Her name is also Klopotinsha.
I was inspired by mechanical body of Dr. Samuel Hayden, but i don’t have such large resources as UAC, and I actually don’t need 3 meters tall monster (I’m quite satisfied with my 164 cm) so I assembled my UPC (uncanny purpose carcass) of more cheap and better soul-absorbing materials, like papier mache, secondhand Eridian shells and exotic matter. This remote control (maybe I’ll ask to insert pieces of human brain later) bionicle-like avatar has her own unique character and brilliant sense of humor but subordinated to the main mind. I usually send this unit on inspiration harvest and repair works… in Hell (literally).
Since BL2 she collects echoes of compatible characters from other settings to reinforce our favorite toy. She easily tracks emanations, but, of course, they can’t be just pulled out without adventures: one dead cartel boss wants to be sure that his family safely reached Heaven; another one tamed Cerberus and successfully started new business as drug baron of Hell, but then gets into claws of succubus… lots of funny quests to handle! Golem can also fix Eridian protective pipes for wormholes and purify Argent energy with her bare hands.
Off-duty she explores the worlds on her free will, because she’s so curious.
When she’s in playful mood she likes to drop herself as just her Tengu mask somewhere nearby the rivers or ancient alien ruins, she waits until someone tries to put on the mask, and then she materializes and telefrags these hapless ones. Or she can start to behave like a poltergeist-punisher, throwing players’ loot out of their backpacks in all directions, so they’ll never be able to pick it up back.
Sure, you can try to waste all the ammo, but she doesn’t even have a health bar - she can torment naughty ones forever (like DRM scorpion does with pirates in SS:BFE).
So if you see the mask like on this illustration - you better run as fast as you can away from it. Though, it won’t save you, but she likes to watch people’s faces when the mask appears again right in front of them.

The only thing that can calm her down is True Mordecai’s laughter; it makes her turn into kind spirit and giver of extremely rare and cool artifacts.


Super cool as ever.

1 vote for a Klopotinsha NPC from me!

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Awesome! :star_struck:

That is a perfect pic. And yes, I think it should be your mortal self. The shell from which @Klopotinsha began…

My opinion is like a drop of water in an endless sea…which action takes flight as to which we’ll soon see…

I think the greatest mystery of the universe for me will forever remain HOW people who have read, for example badass concept of a magical golem who can walk around in Hell and transmit energy with bare hands, can pay attention only to side things mentioned only for a witty remark…

Oh, I hardly remember who was in first reincarnations…

Anyway even if i manage to bring myself on Border Lands in my current shell named Karina (mabe to direct few stories in the Marcus’ Theater… i have Russian accent too, so i can tale tales! No refunds!) it would be much like those crazy prophet old ladies from sci-fi series (Hyena from 12 monkeys and Robin from Shield.) Well, I’d like to mention I’m the Corvus Cornix. Crazy prophet old ladies must have animalistic symbol. It is important.

And I’ll be with my Tengu-Golem anyway, she’s pretty handy, i can even wear her sometimes as exo-suit.

And I also left some obscene frescoes with prophecies in not yet ruined Ancient Alien Ruins so savages in the future could rack their brains. BWAHAHA!

I told that I could not have chosen a character for “local synchronization” in BL2, because all of them were not alive like protagonists of BL1. But recent thoughts pushed me to the idea that maybe playables of BL2 should have been spineless so it wasn’t pity to take possession of them and use as expendable digital plastic meat puppets.

While in BL1 it is interesting to observe from behind the shoulders of active healthy characters who can cope with any challenge independently and generate tons of lulz by their lifefull behavior;
characters of BL2 need players, the puppeteers, because these imbeciles can’t do anything by their own, for instance characters of TftBL can’t even use the bathroom without someone pushing the buttons…

I’m sure i won’t take the Spoiled Child because her brain is too small and the Sirens not much compatible with the Muses; The Damaged Person also won’t fit because he already has dissociative identity disorder and he’s too unstable. Maybe the Red-haired Cyborg? Nah, she watches too much stroggification porn… hmm… maybe the Dwarf? Hell no, can’t stand the stench of his socks!
I’d better play as Skag or other intelligent and cleanly native Pandorian creature!
Damn, all playable characters of BL2 and its add-ons are nothing but bunch of dirty criminals…
(While the protagonists of BL1 are not criminals, because “consensual murder” was legalized in 2291, and they murder only armed people with respect and not hurting anyone’s feelings; they are “most wanted” only among military corporations, which is usual deal these days)

*sigh *… seems Klopotinsha will have to pwn Daft Punk Ninja again… as the most neutral and less disgusting. And Mr.Amicus will play as “American Lance Hunter”… because we are fans of Lance and Bobbi, and Mr. Amicus can play this role pretty fun. But we are planning this Serious Expedition certainly not for fun. We need to study pernicious influence of the “Blue Hell” more closely… (Initially, this type of energy could be related to labs in Sterile Space used by the Ancient Ones during construction of worlds before planting of Life)

As you might have noticed (especially in WOTH thread), Klopotinsha often talks about things that are not yet revealed or retconned in Borderlands games. And she never tried to simplify things to make them more accessible.

But after a little tilt at windmills she suddenly wrote a post that simply explains everything:
the basics of Klopotinsha’s sci-fi vision of Borderlands, why Otter Eyes behind Goggles is so IMPORTANT, how Mordecai NEVER DIES and how the presence of healthy version of this character could impact on story, theory of “Plants”(emanations), why Klopotinsha doesn’t sympathize to the spawns of “Blue Hell”, FASCINATING ARCHEOLOGY!, Infinite Ammonites of Infinity and how spilled blood can turn into flowers… with tiny seashells and cyan moss… and about the power that can even glue destroyed planets by pieces…


All this in post #21 of the thread I’ve created to imagine in my head the best part of BL2 that was WASTED, in hope that after i receive the right feeling i won’t abandon BL2 on Tundra Express as i already did few times… and will be able to endure it all as “bad version of story”, i mean as “the worst version of story.” yeah, it can be pretty interesting… if i won’t just puke after i hear disgusting sounds of Mor-decoy…

“The Vault” that Mordecai was searching for is inside Mordecai himself… i meant it in spiritual sense, but it works even with most primitive interpretation, coz Mordecai’s backpack contains numbers 9999999 and best guns.


Got several technical complaints about my Borderlands art thread - almost all of over hundred illustrations were not visible on previews… apparently because of some changes in forum’s security protocols.

So, I’ve spent some time on it and fixed it (adding ‘s’ to all ‘http’ links), along the way correcting damaged headlines and some inactive music links, also updated table of contents.

And now Way of the Hunter as good as new!
Come in and check how good I am! :bllol:

Also pay attention on correlated threads that are part of the whole.

@JoeKGBX, would you kindly repair the pictures in upper post of this Community Buttass thread too, please? (simply adding ‘s’ to ‘http’ things should work)

I think it’s good to keep the things up and running before showing some new.

And by the way…
Ahahaha… ROFL, can’t stand it… I just come up with a new anecdote:

Ancient D’ni thought that Arch Guardians are artifacts;
wore them as bracelets.

Eridians found this salacious.

Oh, I know another one!

How many friends named Roland Mordecai has already buried?


What if all this “Borderlands” is just a dream caused by chemical reaction in brain of the dying cowboy… or trainer of Nicaraguan rebels… or drug lord… or young man with flower bouquet… et cetera…

I think Klopotinsha’s Tengu-Golem Klopotinsha can tell such weird in-jokes as NPC in BL3… of course, if it will be good enough, otherwise she says F* U Gearbox and goes to play Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds and watch moar films with Julio Cedillo. (she does the last two things in any case)

yeah, i gotta teach my Golem to tell moar of such weird in-jokes as a homage to Raymond Kenney’s talking moose. (BA DUM TSS here is also appropriate)

People haven’t seen “The Pledge”, started clapping on “The Turn”, and didn’t get why “The Prestige” is needed…

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Klopotinsha says something unexpected:

Phew! I’m so glad that Julio Cedillo wasn’t involved in “Borderlands 3”!

Actually I have a full notebook of sarcastic notes for rubric of gags about cosplay show WASTEDlands rated 3 out of 10 from the creators of Buttborn…

But it is not important at this point or ever.

I just came here to say


i got what i needed all this time


(please contact me if you have more of these amazing samples of TRUE BADASSITUDE– I can illustrate each!)