Gearbox Community Badass: lowlines

Gearbox Community Badass is a new feature we’re trying out as a way to recognize members of the Gearbox Community for their creative efforts – be they cosplays, artwork, community events, guides, or any other means of letting their Gearbox flag fly! Each week, we’ll spotlight one of our awesome community members and the cool things they’re doing. Anyone is eligible to be a featured community badass, so being a member of the forums isn’t required (although it helps since this is where our badasses will be featured!) Additionally, every featured Badass will receive a “Legendary” forum badge, so it’ll be hard to enjoy your flair without a forum account, right?! Please note that while each week’s Community Badass will be selected by forum staff, nominations are welcome and will be taken into account. If you’d like to nominate someone to be a Gearbox Community Badass, just PM @JoeKGBX with your nomination!

Community Badass returns! It’s been a while since we did a Community Badass feature, but as we mention in this week’s Battleplan, our inbox has been hit more than once with requests for us to feature this edition’s Badass – @lowlines. I won’t go on and on too much here because if you spend much time on the forums, you’re familiar with him and his contributions. If you’re not, read on and be amazed.

Tell us about yourself. What sorts of things have you done int the community that we might recognize? (notable forum threads, etc)

I am web developer by trade, and I like looking for things I can turn into a fun development projects within the games I like to play.

There are quite a few things I have worked on and lists are kinda boring so how about I do up a timeline (in no way based off of key dates in the Battleborn Lore Timeline).

  • 1 C.R. - Created a bunch of guide threads no one probably remembers because they were walls of text.
    Understanding Gear A Helpful Guide
    A Guide to Loot Packs + Taunts & Skins List

  • 5 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Legendary Boss Drops, I was quite amazed at the positive response I got when I posted this. :heart:

  • 50 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Skins & Taunts

  • 325 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Gear Type & Factions

  • 18500 C.R. - Created the Gear Search App along with a website to host it.

  • ~19200 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Scoring with PvE Enemies as a follow up to 2Ks awesome write up on scoring in story mode.

  • 19936 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Career Titles.

  • 19954.100 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to PvP Kill & Assist Modifiers (Battle Marks).

  • 19955 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Hidden Loot Chest / Interactive PvE Maps - This one was crowd-sourced by a handful of very proficient community members that played missions multiple times to locate all the locations :heart:

  • 19956 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to Versus / Interactive PvP Maps

  • 19957.250 C.R. - Created A Visual Guide to How Gear Skills Affect Character Skills - This one was set up at the request of @jjand302 and has evolved into a type of Character Builder. The original thread has heaps of information and answers to frequent questions about certain perks and how they interact with character skills. This is still a work in progress!

  • 19957.299 C.R. - Created the Unofficial “Lore Bible”, which is a collection of in-game lore and internet articles that aims to make it easier to link all the pieces together to build a coherent story.

  • 19958 C.R. - Created the Magnus “lowlibot” and added the ability to share gear on the forums and on social media. Right now this little guy is causing havoc on Battleborn Discord Servers everywhere thanks to a significant upgrade to its programming thanks to Kleese (wipe that smug look off your face old man!!)


    How long have you been playing Gearbox games?

    I recall watching one of my first ever E3s over the internet and one of cool new games everyone was talking about that was coming out soon was Borderlands 2. I immediately went and got myself a GOTY copy of Borderlands 1 and played it all the way to the end with just enough time to cheese Crawmerax before Borderlands 2 came out.

    What’s your favorite Gearbox game?

    That would have to be Borderlands 2. I have clocked almost as much time (2000+ hours) playing that as I have Destiny, and I have played A LOT of Destiny. A good chunk of that was probably fighting BN3KR, grinding for certain incredibly rare Legendaries that would almost never drop. :sob:

    What’s your favorite Gearbox character?

    That’s a tricky one because I like pretty much like all the characters Gearbox has created across Borderlands and Battleborn, the more quirky and unique they are, the better. However the playable characters of Battleborn utterly eclipse the depth of past characters such as those from Borderlands where they were more of a fresh slate to layer your own personality on. Some people prefer that, but I actually like to have a character with a backstory and an opinion on what I am actually doing when I shoot things. If I really had to whittle that number down though:

  • Oscar Mike - Because he has some of the best one liners

  • Thorn - Because I am really into that Agile Hunter type thing (favourite class in Destiny is a Nightstalker Hunter)

  • Mellka - Because she is badass

  • Montana - Because he is literally a burning man with a tiny head

  • Marquis - Because everything about him is classy to perfection (just look at how he rolls in the Opening Cinematic!!)

  • ISIC - Because he is a sadistic ass**** with a deceivingly cheery outlook on life

  • Miko - Because he, she, it? Is an underrated extremely fun character to play.

  • Kleese - Those tasers are OP!!

  • Alani - Never got to play as her in her glory days, but I quite enjoyed balancing her offensive & support roles. I also am quite interested to learn more about her origins on Akopos.

I’ll stop there, but this is what I mean by liking pretty much all of them (just don’t let El Dragón anywhere near me…) :heart:

If you could be any Battleborn, who would you choose?

I wouldn’t be any because I always play characters from the third person perspective. I am walking with them through their story.

Any stream channels, YouTube channels, etc that you’d like to promote?

Just my website…if you haven’t already been to it before :wink:

What are you most looking forward to seeing from Gearbox in the future?

I would have to say Borderlands 3. Back when I played Borderlands 2, I played that pretty much exclusively single player because series like Call of Duty gave me a very negative (and bias) opinion of what online games could be like. I then found Destiny and it changed the very way I approach online games so I’m hoping that Borderlands 3 will take elements of its predecessors (Raid Bosses, Gear Grinders) and Battleborn (top-notch world building, better Legendary drop rates, strong characters and an interesting approach to discovering lore) and a much better online matchmaking system that must without a doubt have drop-in/drop-out. If Gearbox can pull that off (and I’m confident they can), I will have a another game that will be fighting for my time alongside Destiny 2.


Congrats @lowlines I didn’t realize how many guides you put together. I have some catching up to do.

Now I get to change my title again…


Congrats @lowlines, it’s about time. :smiley:


Definitely deserved, @lowlines
Your website helped me a lot! :slight_smile:


Well deserved. Congrats buddy.


This is long overdue and well deserved, congrats mate.


Sweeet! :smile_cat:


Immensely well-deserved @lowlines. I’m someone who resists consulting guides, but I can never get enough of yours. Congrats!

(Unlike @Kaleidodemon and @Gulfwulf you title will not be redistributed after my forum revolution). :stuck_out_tongue:


looks like @lowlines finally got what he deserves :sunglasses:


Good on you man.
From one lore/mechanics nerd to another


Amazing, still cheering for you!


Yeah, this stuff is what this community is here for.

Top notch guides.



Grats on the title, @lowlines.


Much deserved.



Congrats! I was waiting for the gap between badass es to close again!

And @hattieinduni I’ll nominate you if you let me keep my badge… :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats! And yeah your Boss chart was a game changer for me, plus I admire your dedication.


Lowlines deserves this.


Nice one Lowlines!

I was shocked to hear you didn’t like El Dragon though… maybe post patch?


I don’t really “hate” him… I just despise his whole kit and the way people used him! He’s still a cool character with a funny backstory, just not on my list of characters I will probably go back and play unless there are new unlocks for him :stuck_out_tongue:

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congratz @lowlines you rock!