Gearbox Community Badass: TheOnlyTachyon

Gearbox Community Badass is a new feature we’re trying out as a way to recognize members of the Gearbox Community for their creative efforts – be they cosplays, artwork, community events, guides, or any other means of letting their Gearbox flag fly! Each week, we’ll spotlight one of our awesome community members and the cool things they’re doing. Anyone is eligible to be a featured community badass, so being a member of the forums isn’t required (although it helps since this is where our badasses will be featured!) Additionally, every featured Badass will receive a “Legendary” forum badge, so it’ll be hard to enjoy your flair without a forum account, right?! Please note that while each week’s Community Badass will be selected by forum staff, nominations are welcome and will be taken into account. If you’d like to nominate someone to be a Gearbox Community Badass, just PM @JoeKGBX with your nomination!

In this edition of Community Badass, we’re featuring a Twitch streamer who not only regularly streams Battleborn, but has also become a bit of a studio favorite around here: TheOnlyTachyon. Tachyon was recommended to us and we immediately checked out his stream. He was playing Battleborn and had this totally infectious enthusiasm. So much so, that we notified the whole studio and asked that, if people had time, they drop by his stream and say hi. Long story short, that turned into the first “Official Gearbox Stream Raid” (not an official name ;)) and many of us hung out for a while and have continued to go back from time to time.

His stream is really just a part of what Tachyon does to contribute to the community, but we’ll let him tell you more!

How long have you been playing Gearbox games?

Been playing since 2005 with Brothers in Arms… unless you count Blue Shift and Opposing Forces, then 1999 I suppose.

Which Gearbox game would you say is your favorite?

Gotta say Battleborn is definitely my favorite.

What is it about that one that has you hooked?

The replayabality, to be honest. It’s a magical blend of strategy and chaos wrapped in comic style artwork with a Gearbox humor ribbon atop. Due to the helix customization, the assortment of characters, and the collection of items, it’s a different experience every time you play. I can’t help but love the beast, and just keep coming back for more.

So you’re a streamer who regularly streams Battleborn. So much so, that you were the recipient/victim of a recent stream raid from several member of the Gearbox team. How long have you been streaming?

Holy crap, the raid was awesome. Oh right, to answer the question, I’ve been streaming for about 3 months now.

You had an interesting way of celebrating Kid Ultra’s early access period – with a 24 hour stream! How did that go?

Hahaha it went interestingly. We did well, until about 7 hours in, then the wonkiness hit heavy. It didn’t let up on the gas until about 20 hours in. Turns out I got sick from staying up too often that week, and was out for the rest of the weekend. BUT, totally worth it.

Any advice for someone out there who might be planning a 24 hour stream of their own?

Yes. Hydrate properly and make sure you have snacks around to munch on as time goes by. You’ll be amazed how hard it is to notice any physical changes from blood sugar, nutrition, etc until the effects have already hit you. Get up to move your legs once every few hours. If you decide to stretch, make sure you’re not bending over in front of the camera.

Now that you’ve had a go at Kid Ultra, who would you say is your favorite Battleborn over all?

Everyday is Boldur day!

Where can people go to check out your content?

You can find me almost every day at and follow my antics on Youtube channel coming soon!


Idk why this has no comments but good job tachyon!


I’m sorry for inviting like 50 people to your party that one time, Tachy