Gearbox Community Day Free Key PROBLEM

Shows << Test Steam Code >> instead of a key.


seems like a common issue, please contact support using the link below.

I am having the same issue. Thinking this might be fairly widespread…

Email batch system acting up!

We’re working on it. Keep an eye on your inboxes!

Same issue here. I submitted a ticket. I recommend others with this problem do the same to get their attention since it was from a noreply email.

Please hold off on the mass support emails if possible. Replacement emails and keys should be hitting inboxes soon!

Yikes sorry! Thanks for the update!

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Just to confirm : I got the first ‘test steam code’ email, and have now received the second, correct, email, with code. Check your inboxes!

We’re also seeing reports that some users are receiving keys that have been redeemed. If you run into this issue, please submit a ticket at and they will assist.

I received the second email with the key but is anyone else not able to use the steam key? Steam is telling me its been used already by another account

Confirmed about some people getting used keys just got my key and bang its used x.x sent in a report to support any one else getting used keys do the same.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s a bad code. Nevermind, I don’t speak to support very often, time to say hi!

Pinning this so -hopefully- people get to see that a thread is running already. Adding support link to OP.

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Okay, update from Twitter:

“Some users are reporting receiving an invalid Steam code. We’re working on generating new codes now. Stay tuned.”

i recieved both an email with "test code"and second email with a code but steam says its a dupe code thats already been used. wonder whats going on here. seems like a pretty big mistake. can anyone from gearbox give us an update as to whats going on?

PH’s note from Twitter is the latest information, @ComfortablyNumb. We apologize for any inconvenience. The team is hard at work on a solution.

New (working) keys are going out now, by the looks of things.

Any idea if community day keys are still being sent out? I haven’t received anything yet, but I don’t want to bug support if they are still working on it.

Community Day and Twitch Digital Bonus Pack subscriber emails are going out now. If you don’t receive a code and feel that you should’ve, please drop us a line at